I think I have my Christmas list nailed down, although I am taking a very lazy approach to it this year, so we’ll see if I actually finish the shopping any time soon. I have to say: thank goodness for online shopping. I can’t imagine what people did before they could order 75% of their gifts from Amazon.

Although now that I think of it, what they probably did was buy *less* and give *less* and that makes me feel very un-festive, so moving on!

I realized yesterday while looking over the shopping list that this is the first year in at least a decade that no one in this house is getting any kind of Lego. I always find it fun to do a Lego set on Christmas day in the afternoon and so that is rather sad. Maybe I will put some Lego on my own Christmas list.

And in other news, Little Miss Sunshine had a recent growth spurt and needed all new pants, and when we went to her go-to store, Justice, nothing fit. We ended up buying her ladies’ extra small pants from the H&M, and thus hereby ends the era of me shopping at children’s clothing stores. I’ll have to put the Children’s Place and Justice flyers directly into the recycling bin along with the Toys R Us flyer. Sniff.

And in other milestone news, I went for a walk last night with Sir Monkeypants and Gal Smiley, and there was a moment where I slipped on some ice and would have fallen, except Gal Smiley quickly caught me. She literally supported my full weight while I got my legs back under me. It felt like such a passing of the guard, and also, man, did I ever feel old. I’m sure she is currently Googling to get me some ice crampons for Christmas and possibly some prune juice. Festive!

One thought on “Milestones

  1. It’s so different when the kids are getting older…good, but there are those ‘sniff’ moments. 🙂 My 14yo son is in mens shoes and clothes…at 14! And has been since last year…

    My 12yo and I go to the annual One of a Kind Christmas show every year (sorry, it’s supposed to be called Winter show now despite the big Christmas tree right at the entrance) and we tend to buy gifts there now. Everything is local and hand made and we have a ‘less is more’ approach. I feel fortunate that the majority of my family on both sides are not interested in receiving a lot of ‘stuff’ at Xmas so we stick to little things and that is much easier on the budget.

    As far as lego is concerned, the youngest still wants some! But the one she picks is $130 and, um…NO. 😦

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