I was out walking with my youngest late last night, on the way home from Pathfinders, and she was giddy in the snow. We have several inches of it here in Ottawa and it’s light and fluffy and pure white – my middle daughter calls it “movie snow” because it’s so sparkly it almost looks fake, like we are in a cheesy Christmas Romance. Anyway, my youngest was saying how sad it is that some people are sad when it snows, because at least in the early days, it is so much fun and is so beautiful at night and you can make fresh snowcones just by dipping a cup out the back door, which is what she did when we got home.

All in all, it’s been a pretty happy snowfall here at the Turtlehead house. The girls are both delighted and the three of us have really leaned in to the Christmas Romances in celebration. Last year we watched everything Netflix had on its roster and this year we are planning to do the same. Little Miss Sunshine even made us a fancy decorated page where she intends to keep track of all the ones we watch. We’ve already watched Let It Snow – really, not a very good movie but that is NOT THE POINT. There was lots of sparkly fake snow and there was happy love stories and Joan Cusack was in it so WIN. We’re up for anything Christmas related you want to throw at us, Netflix!

It also helps when it is cold and snowy in early November in that I actually get in the mood to do Christmas shopping. It can sometimes feel like a bit of a grind but I’ve spent large portions of the last two days, when I should have been working, surfing the internet for gift ideas and putting together my shopping list. It’s in good shape and I think I at least have a plan for everyone.

I have to say – the current list does look rather intimidating. But there is fluffy, sparkly snow! So let’s do this thing!

I even wrote my annual Christmas newsletter. Every year I swear I will not do it, it is too much work, no one cares anyway, and then I pull up last year’s just to see how much work it would be to edit a few things and call it done, and then we all have a really hilarious, good time trying to describe each other’s favourite Meme Quote of the Year, and next thing you know I’m printing off 50 copies at Staples and buying a roll of stamps. I do blame the snow – it better not melt this weekend.

It’s a good thing that I do have many upcoming visits to the mall in my near future, because a) I like to be done shopping by December, so I can spend it just baking and singing ALL the carols, and b) suddenly everyone needs new pants as they have all grown at least four inches while my back was turned.

Oooh – new pants! GIFT IDEA. Adding that to the list!

2 thoughts on “Snow

  1. bibliomama2

    This is hilarious, since I have just written a post about how much I hate the snow, and yet it is undeniably, annoyingly beautiful. Thank-you for being less of a curmudgeon than I. Eve and I have decided to start decorating for Christmas early this year to make November suck less – oops, this is still not joyful enough, is it? I’m working on it!

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