The Best Candy

I declare this to be the best candy on earth.

It was Diwali yesterday, which is the Indian new year. Or possibly it was on Saturday — there appears to be a LOT of debate about this online. I believe it to be a New Years’ Eve versus New Years’ Day type of thing where for some people, the big event is the night of and for other people the big event is the day after. We are Day After celebrators.

Anyway, traditional Diwali gifts include new clothes, money, and candy to ensure you have a lucky and sweet year. I bought everyone their favourite candy and I bought myself some of those chocolate caramel Mentos and they are DANGEROUS.

I’ve been doing a low or no sugar thing lately because I find, as I age, I get so very, very tired when I eat any kind of sugar. There have been times when I have fallen off the wagon and eaten three or four Girl Guide cookies in a sitting and then I need to walk to the couch like a zombie Frankenstein, where I face plant and am asleep in seconds. It’s kind of scary, actually. Sometimes I think I should have it checked out but most of the time I figure it is another feature in the Wonderful World of Aging and if I’m lucky, I have another 40 years of Extreme Sugar Crashing to look forward to.


Anyway, I am usually pretty good at avoiding easy sugar stuff like pop and candy, although I have two weaknesses: cotton candy, any flavour, and Mentos Chocolate Caramel. I cannot even open the Mentos package without being fully prepared with a couple hours of available naptime, because once it is open I am going to eat them all, very very fast. I can’t even savour them because they are so good that the very SECOND I finish one, I must have another one.

So, you have been warned.

I also bought myself one of these:

It is just a regular Kit Kat only made with some sort of fancy chocolate. You would not think that would make a difference in a $1.50 candy bar but OH IT DOES. I love these so much more than regular Kit Kats, and they are rare and hard to come by, so luckily I am much better at savouring them and parceling them out than the Mentos. But I still eat them when I should not.

My older sister knows this about me and recently she sent me an article about how Kit Kat is going to be setting up a store in Yorkdale Mall, in Toronto, where you can come in and build your own custom Kit Kat, including using Ruby Cocoa. To which I say, Thank Heavens this store is in Toronto, because I can’t nap all the freakin’ time, I need to get SOME stuff done on occasion, sheesh.

9 thoughts on “The Best Candy

  1. Allison

    My son loves Mentos so we are always looking for new flavours but not many are readily available around here. Love these and also the choco and mint ones. I am the same with sugar now and also get a headache. Boo. Also have to finish the Mentos package once opened.

  2. bibliomama2

    I didn’t know Mentos came in anything but slightly icky mint – mind blown. I am intrigued mightily by the ruby cocoa Kit Kat. I have eaten all the peanut butter cups out of our Halloween candy. Also, I feel like I’ve already commented – who is this upstart Other Two-L Allison? (Just kidding, love it when someone else spells our name properly).

    1. Smothermother

      I’m with Allison on the icky mint Mentos. But chocolate/caramel is one of my favourite combos, so I am now on the hunt for these.

  3. Omg ruby kitkat!! Our bank is at Yorkdale, perhaps I may detour through there soon. 😉

    Your fatigue after sugar sounds like what I have, it’s called hypoglycemia. Ugh…Iearned that I can still have chocolate or sweets but only after I have something which stabalizes my blood sugars (protein is best, complex carbs will do)…If I have candy on an empty stomach I crash.

      1. If you combine chocolate with nuts that has the protein in it. Most candy bars though are white flour and sugar and enhancers etc…right? Too bad they taste so good. 😕

        Google hypoglycemia. Once you understand what your body is doing you can adjust and modify rather than abstain.

        Note: white flour and alcohol act almost exactly like sugar… 🙂

  4. Zhu

    I saw fancy green tea KitKat at Walmart, I considered trying… but I’m waiting for Halloween, who knows, we may end up with more interesting candies! Although I’ve heard it was going to pour on Halloween night :-/

    1. I have tried the Green Tea ones and they are interesting, but I don’t love them. I can certainly say no when offered a Green Tea Kit Kat which I guess makes it better for me, although less of a secret love. So if you do try one, just by *one* and then let me know what you think.

  5. Shan

    I haven’t tried the ruby cocoa kitkats, but KK is my all time favourite chocolate bar! No question. I was also grateful that store wasn’t closer to home. I will have to source out that ruby one and see how it is. My brother used to travel regularly to Japan and the green tea kitkats straight from there are vastly different than the ones available here. Abby thinks the straight from Japan ones are better.

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