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Baby Driver in da house!!!

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We have a third driver! Captain Jelly Belly has joined the world of cars. We are hoping he will be fully licensed by summertime.

We dragged him into this, truth be told, kicking and screaming. He had NO interest in learning to drive. Apparently this is a millennial thing – all the kids his age are completely uninterested in cars. He is the first among all his friends to get his beginner license and the only one, as far as we can tell, who is being pressured into it by his parents. He claims it’s an environmental thing – that he and his generation have moral problems with the whole concept of driving. I am skeptical of this, as a) Gal Smiley is CHOMPING AT THE BIT and cannot wait to get behind the wheel, preferably of some classic muscle car, and b) whenever we suggest to the Captain that he drive somewhere, he is TERRIFIED, so I’m guessing fear has much more to do with it than morals.

But whatever, onward and upward! I am very interested in having another driver in the house as I intend to pass all driving obligations on to him as soon as I can, as I hate driving and am terrible at it. But also, we want him to be able to drive alone by the time he is in university, as it is likely he will have to live off-campus somewhere and being able to have a car rather than take public transit all the time would be amazing, he just doesn’t realize it yet.

Of course, once he has his license he’ll probably only need to drive for a decade or so before we’re completely on self-driving cars. But then he’ll be able to tell his kids all about the days of yore when he actually controlled a vehicle. The other day, we were telling the kids about our own days of yore, when you had to turn on the television by walking over to it and turning a dial, and then you had the choice of like, 12 channels tops. Their eye-rolling could be seen from space.

Anyway, in addition to someone getting a license, it was also our 23rd wedding anniversary this weekend, and we celebrated by going to see Avengers: Endgame, and then going out to dinner. It was bone-chilling cold and actually snowed, and everyone was astonished, but since April 27 is my anniversary I can confirm that it snows at least 1/3 of the time, and did indeed snow on my actual wedding day, and that was even in Toronto, not Ottawa. So we continue our long trek towards spring but at least it was a very nice anniversary and a bright spot in an otherwise pretty bleak April.

Then last night, after winning our local trivia team event, we rushed home to watch Game of Thrones, which featured an extra-long episode with a crazy battle and many sad deaths. Between that and Endgame and being married for 23 years and self-driving cars, I have a lot of processing to do today. It’s times like this that I wish I had a pop culture blog, because I have a LOT of thoughts about Endgame and Game of Thrones and how they both were great, but specific pointers on how they could have been better, in case the creative types behind these things need a little advice. But sadly, I will just have to share my ideas with my laundry basket and all the chocolate I can muster as I sort it all out.

4 thoughts on “Baby Driver

  1. KristaR

    W. took the written test this weekend as well! He is so excited to be driving – I have mixed feelings about it but will get over it when we have a third driver in the mix. We also went out for dinner and a movie for our anniversary on April 27…it’s like we are twins 🙂

    Regarding the G1, they can’t take their road test for 12 months (or after 8 months if they take a drivers ed. course), and then another year for the G2 road test…quite a process so it will be awhile before the boys are fully licensed.

  2. bibliomama2

    Angus wasn’t overly eager to get his G1, but once the process was rolling he became more motivated to get his full license. The fact that he had multiple baseball practices and three workouts a week in Kanata made us very eager for him to drive his damned self places also. With Eve, neither she nor I can really imagine her driving, so we’ll see. And write the pop culture post anyway – pretty sure numerous readers will be interested (my friend and I dissected Sunday night’s episode of GoT thoroughly on our way to GoT trivia tonight. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

  3. Smothermother

    Oh, yes for the GoT and Endgame discussion. My first comment on GoT, would it have killed them to have a little more lighting for the battle scene? It was so dark!! Yes, I get it, King of the Night and all, but still.

    Interesting point about the Captain not wanting to drive. I would consider it a life skill, like learning how to swim. While you may not do it all of the time, it will definitely come in handy. My parents actually made me take my lessons on a standard car, even though we owned an automatic. My parents reasoning was that if I was somewhere and the driver was drunk, then I could drive any car home. Which is weird reasoning because if the driver was drunk, chances are… But it is a skill that I appreciate having.

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