December Randoms

Today, as Captain Jelly Belly was leaving for school, I went to give him a goodbye hug and then we both stopped cold and said, “Whoa.”

It was because we were looking at each other eye-to-eye. Height wise, we were dead even.

He was in boots and I was barefoot which gave him at least an inch or two of boost, which is why this crazy thing happened. But he’s been growing like a weed lately so it isn’t too far away before he actually IS that tall, and IS even with me, or even TALLER than me, and I can’t even.

It was a pretty shocking switcheroo moment for us both.

Gal Smiley, on the other hand, seems to have topped out at a very tiny five feet. She swears she will also be taller than me someday but she still has four inches to go so – well, good luck, honey. I am thinking your one-time dream of being a professional basketball player is history.


Speaking of the Captain, I couldn’t find his lunch bag the other day and I thought it might be in his backpack so I went to look for it.

In his backpack I found:

  • his spring jacket, balled up in a lump
  • his super-heavy bike lock, which he hasn’t used since October
  • an umbrella which I don’t think he has ever opened once, and definitely not since it started snowing
  • about 100 homework assignments
  • his information form for the school, and his “I’ve seen this” form from his mid-term report card, both of which were supposed to be handed in weeks ago.

He was carrying around this stuff every day, back and forth to school, just shoving his lunch on top of the heap.

It’s not an albatross you are required to carry, dear. You aren’t pilgrim in Pilgrim’s Progress. It’s okay to clean out your backpack from time to time and lay down your burdens.

(Also okay: HANDING STUFF IN. Sigh.)


In other news, I would offer this:

Those people who are sitting outside the Shoppers Drug Mart at 7:50 a.m., waiting for it to open, wearing their jammies, so that they can buy over-the-counter Pink Eye medication for their kid, five days before Christmas, YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.


Today I was dropping off my youngest at school and it’s a kindergarten to Grade 8 school. You have to walk past the kindergarten play yard to get inside and the kindergarten kids were still outside playing.

Their yard had kind of a low area and this area was covered with a heavy sheet of solid ice. All the kids were on the ice crawling around and licking it and rolling on it and dragging each other around on it, while the teachers sat on the side and kept an eye on things.

I’m guessing this is how they planned to spend most of the morning.

I was both delighted and amazed and found it absolutely hilarious. Those were the days – when your kid could be amused all morning long by a wonderful, awesome patch of ice. The squirming mass of kids was just so weird and funny and also so very happy.

Now that’s a Happy Holiday Moment, I’d say.

7 thoughts on “December Randoms

  1. Smothermother

    Max is creeping up there and I know I will be seeing him eye to eye way too soon!

    And Gal Smiley has hope yet. I had my growth spurt in Grade 7. 🙂

  2. OMG the BACKPACKS!!!! I totally stay out of whatever my kids have in there. Kid#1’s backpack weighs several tonnes I’m sure, and I have no idea what’s in there and I never ever want to know. Just like I’m staying out of how many homework assignments he’s not handing in. I’m trying to drill into his head that grades matter now (he’s in grade 11) but you know, in one ear and out the other…. Mid-terms were ok but finals? I have my doubts…. Sigh… Stupid kids. 🙂

  3. The backpacks…..omg. That is blog fodder right there! Lol.

    My son too has grown what seems like an inch a month. He’ll be 14 in March and currently is about half an inch shorter than my just shy of 5’5″ height.

    His feet…surpassed my 8.5 shoe size about half a year ago. Yikes.


  4. Shan

    Dude, same thing happened here this weekend. Maya came up to me in the kitchen and I was like hey wait a minute here because I realized i was just slightly looking up to meet her gaze. Mike was like yep, she’s taller than you. So now Abby is officially the shortest in the house and not impressed about it either.

  5. bibliomama2

    My ever-lovin’ firstborn could bench-press me at this point, so I feel this. And I love the kindergarten story – I’m so happy the teachers weren’t being buzz-killers. Strong Canadian antibodies are built by eating all that now, I’m convinced of it.

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