Mixing It Up

Our family is a multiracial family – my husband is Indian – and I feel so lucky to live in a place where a) I have never once thought that this could be any kind of problem, and b) at least ten other mixed race families live on my very own street, so it’s literally no big deal. Surburban Ottawa rocks, y’all!

But that said, I am vaguely and mildly aware that there are very few mixed race characters on TV and in the movies. So when I see one, I do notice, and I like it.

Recently I watched a Christmas movie on Netflix while I was spending the day cooking for a Girl Guide sleepover. It was called The Holiday Calendar and the main character had a white mom and a black dad and it was all super casual, like not even pointed out, absolutely not any kind of factor in the story.

Don’t get me wrong, you should NOT watch this movie. It was terrible. (My apologies to those friends of mine on Facebook who liked it and recommended it.) Terrible acting and writing. But still, it will always have a little special place in my heart for the way it showed a multirace family as being a totally normal thing.

In a similar way, this is my favourite TV commercial. It’s for Tide Pods and they have bought my respect and goodwill forever for the same reason – the way they showcase a multiracial family like it’s no big deal.

Hard to believe that no more than five years ago, similar commercials from Old Navy and Cheerios caused a big stink. We’ve come a long way, which is nice, considering the first black-white kiss on TV was back in 1977 and was a huge, huge deal. No need to rush or anything, pop culture!

When you see yourself reflected in movies and TV, it’s something, isn’t it? I don’t know, I just get a warm feeling. I shouldn’t need a cheesy romance movie or a Tide commercial to feel like my family is normal and accepted, but I guess I do. It’s just reassuring – especially the ad, as advertising is usually all about including the widest audience possible and not offending anyone. Canada is a pretty awesome place to be right now, I’d say.

6 thoughts on “Mixing It Up

  1. Mark Davis

    I thought Kirk & Uhuru kissed in Star Trek: TOS?

    Also: see Flash; the main character is in a mixed marriage, and FWIW there are several side stories with gay characters (at least 3 that I can think of off the top of my head) that are also treated in a completely matter-of-fact way.

  2. Zhu

    It always surprises me to see so few mixed-race families in media and in entertainment because that’s so not the world I live in!

  3. And now let’s move onto seeing more LGBTQ families!

    BTW, Mr. Chatty LOVES those Hallmark Christmas movies, like the one you mentioned. At this time of year, the W network is his best friend. I know this news is likely nothing shocking… I can’t bring myself to watch them with him though. There’d be way too much eye rolling on my part…

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