And On To Winter

Halloween was last night. I have a firm “no trick or treating after Grade 8 rule” but then a friend of Gal Smiley’s, who moved away over the summer, called and said she wanted to go out and so I let her go, along with Little Miss Sunshine. The Captain is now in Grade 10 and he said “all his friends” were still going out and he was quite bitter about not being allowed to go. Am I a Halloween Scrooge? Just wondering.

One of my favourite things about Sorting Through The Candy is looking at the unusual treats some people give out. Last year we got several Fortune Cookies and personally I thought that was pretty cool. This year each of the kids got a freezie, unfrozen, which is interesting (and likely very cost effective) but I envisioned several exploding inside the trick-or-treat bags of small children, leading to unhappy kids and even more unhappy parents, so I’m thinking that’s a pass. The Little Miss also got two Kool Aid Jammers, which are definitely sweet enough to count as a treat but I still would guess that they came from a “we ran out of candy” house, or possibly a “we forgot to buy candy” house.

We have one house on our street that hands out cans of pop. (The Little Miss pointed out that it is always caffeine free pop, like Sprite or Cream Soda or MUG Root Beer, in case you are wondering about that.) I used to think this was weird and also decadent, as we usually get at least 300 kids on our street each year. But this morning Little Miss Sunshine and I were talking it over, and I may be sold.

If you buy your pop at Costco, you are likely paying in the range of 20 cents a can.

With 300 kids at your door, that’s about $60.

I bought 8 boxes of candy – because the pieces are so small, I like to give two per kid – and I got it on sale at $15 a box, but that is still $120.

Plus, if there are leftovers – and we do have some this year, as we only got 270 kids at the door last night – we are stuck with a lot of leftover candy, which I either have to give away or eat, and then I have to buy new pants. But the pop family – a family of six – will likely use up the leftovers over the course of the year, even if they only have it as treats or on special occasions.

Conclusion: GENIUS.

The only real drawback is that it is very heavy in a kid’s bag, and for very young kids, they often have a pretty small bag to boot. So maybe they have one box of small treats for the under-three set, and everyone older gets a pop. It works! I’m making a note to at least consider it for next year.

And as always, the end of Halloween means Christmas decorations are flocking to the stores and we’re on to the winter season. We’ve already had one light snowfall here, and the days are grey and rainy and cold. But I love November – it’s my birthday month, and there’s always cheer and warmth inside by the fireplace, and the first few snows are still exciting and clean and white, and I can look forward to shopping for Christmas presents and ski season and World Trivia Night.

Plus I have a huge bucket of leftover candy to go through. Things are looking up!

3 thoughts on “And On To Winter

  1. I had a toddler melt down in my steps. It was 730, dark, and our street had a lot if decorations. Surely he was overstimulated. Dad was trying hard not to get snappy…I pointed to a lollipop which the kid wanted and took and tried to eat. Dad said to put it in the bucket. That’s when he freaked out. Lol. He somehow managed to reach into my box and took out a handful more candy and the dad gave me a look and said to the boy “you’re done”.

    Was the most entertaining thing that happened all night!

    I also had teens, about 25% of the kids. I was impressed by their self-made, original costumes, the polite behavior, and most said Happy Halloween when departing. I have no issues with them.

    Now the candy…one can if pop, one koolaid, a lot of chips, tonnes of candy and chocolate, the church handed out packs of things plus literature, and one kid brought home 2 playdohs. 😊🎃

  2. Zhu

    We went to my friend’s in Gatineau but I wasn’t motivated. It was COLD!

    I noticed the newish trend is to give bags of chips. A few years ago, it was all sweets I think.

  3. Smothermother

    LOTS of chips this year. Once of the boys I was out with complained they took up too much room in his bag. So as a good samaritan I ate a few bags to give him more room.

    Question: why the hard rule on no trick or treating after Grade 8?

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