Age Fifteen and a Half

Last night I was sitting on the couch flaking in front of the TV with the Captain, age 15 and a half.

Then, out of nowhere, he announced that he was in the mood for a little spaghetti.

And THEN, he got up and went over to the kitchen and proceeded to make himself some spaghetti.

This does not sound like a huge deal but I just about fell off the couch, and my mouth was hanging so far down I think my chin scraped the floor. It’s not amazing that he physically is capable of doing this – we have been training him to do some basic kitchen things, under duress, for a couple of years now. What was so amazing to me was the agency of it. The fact that he felt hunger, and then rather than just gazing about hopefully after declaring his hunger, expecting someone to do something about it, he decided that he, he himself!, would take action and make food happen.


And! He even fried himself a hot dog on the side to put on top (we were watching Young Sheldon, so it was thematically appropriate). Which involved getting out a whole other pan! And using a secondary cooking technique!

AND! This was maybe an hour after we had just had dinner. The spaghetti and hot dog were a second dinner. I can’t even. This, from a guy who is fifteen and weighs, on a good day, if you weigh him after a really big meal, a scant 80 pounds.

So needless to say this was a pretty BIG DEAL as far as I am concerned. Lo, we have created A HUMAN BEING. Amazing!

Then, this morning I took all three kids to the dentist, and we have one with a cavity, a second one with a cavity, and a third one with THREE cavities.

You win some, you lose some, I guess.

3 thoughts on “Age Fifteen and a Half

  1. Please show me how to do this spaghetti cooking thing. lol….my kid currently runs into the kitchen and, if he’s not too put out by the fact that I keep microwave popcorn someplace requiring a step to step on to reach it, might microwave some popcorn. For the record, he’d rather just grab some chips (which is why I don’t by them anymore) or crackers (same) or beer nuts (ditto) or other ‘junk’. Make yourself something we say.

    Sadly that hasn’t happened here yet… 🙂

  2. Zhu

    I’m amazed when, once in a while, Mark doesn’t scream “I’m hungry” but get up, go to the kitchen, open the fridge and grab a yogurt or a piece of cheese… so I understand!

    Can parents be blamed for cavities??? I hope not. Forgot to blame mine and I probably need to add this on the list of stuff I can be blamed for one day. For this one, just blame… I don’t know, society?!

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