We are still sick, and the Captain and I in particular have been so sick for so long that I finally broke down and took us both to the doctor yesterday. My mom put the bug in my ear that it might be pneumonia, and of course, once she mentioned the word it WAS pneumonia in my mind, so off we went.

The doctor listened to our chests and declared them clear, but since we have been running fevers for more than a week (him) and are having chest pain when breathing (me), she sent us to the hospital for x-rays, just to check.

On the way there:

Captain: “Now Mom, I know in your head you are already getting into a frenzy, because you are sure it is pneumonia, and everything is ruined, and we are all going to die, but it’s probably not that, so just calm down.”


Sigh. And I thought I was so crafty at hiding the real me.

(Still waiting on the x-ray results. It’s probably pneumonia, I’m thinking.)

6 thoughts on “Outed

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    The Captain sure is perceptive 🙂 Glad you got checked out and that the end (recovery, not death) is near.

  2. Eeek. Mark had pneumonia in grade one. It started as seasonal allergies, morphed into a cold, morphed into a cough, and then one day he just suddenly got a fever at school. Took him to the doctor and it was pneumonia. Took two rounds of antibiotics, and of course we’ve all had to get our kids to take antibiotics that “tasted gross” so that was awesome. I hope it’s not pneumonia but if it is, at least you can swallow pills?

  3. Remember when I sent Eve to sleep over at her friend’s house so I could go to World Trivia Night with you and Matt was away and the doctor had said it wasn’t pneumonia, and then the next day she called me and said yeah, sorry, it actually is pneumonia? Fun times. But we’re all still alive. Feel better! You know, if you feel like it. No pressure.

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