Time Changes

I remember when this time change, the Fall Back one, was The Bad One.

Most adults think of it as the good one, the one where you get an extra hour of sleep. But if you have little kids, you know this one is the harder one, because to them, an extra hour in the day is a whole extra hour for SUPER AWAKE FUN. Instead of taking advantage of the bonus time for sleeping, little kids have no concept of time, or clocks, or what it means to wake up your parents at an ungodly hour because you have a major craving for a cup of juice and some chocolate chip freezer waffles.

No, what this time change used to mean was a struggle to keep the kids awake while they were falling asleep in their dinner, then finally caving and putting them to bed a compromised half hour early, then seeing their cheery, wide-awake faces at 4:30 a.m. because it was morning! And time to get up!

And thus I became a coffee drinker.

Now, however, we are so close to making the transition into this being The Good One. The older two are capable of sleeping in, a little bit at least, but even then, this time change helped them get up in the morning – not early, but rather, at the time they SHOULD be getting up. Instead of having to drag them out of bed with threats and cajoling and, eventually, yelling, they popped up awake at 6:30 – wondering why the heck they were up – and were ready to go to school a full half hour early. A miracle.

The youngest is only 9 and she still woke up at 5:30, raring to go. But now she’s old enough to respect the fact that the rest of the house might not be quite so ready to party. We slept while she read quietly in her room. A miracle.

So everyone went happily off to school, and we actually did get an extra hour of sleep, and things are looking up. Now I only need to convince my body that it is not, in fact, snack time – the time change always means I am suddenly hungry at all hours – and that if, indeed, it is time for a snack, that the giant bowl of Halloween candy in the next room is definitely less tasty than the Big Salad I have waiting in the fridge.

Think I can do that? It’d take a miracle!

3 thoughts on “Time Changes

  1. So the one clock that I forgot to change was my circular buzzing alarm clock, which wakes me with a vibration rather than a sound. I leave it under my pillow. I didn’t sleep well most of the night and then it was sooo dark when the thing went off, I got up, made coffee, turned on the news and…it was 5:25 am. Not 6:25 am. SO not funny.


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