Favourite Mugs

I have tea with breakfast every morning in this one. I got it for my birthday from Sir Monkeypants and the kids, and they bought it because it’s BIG, and I want a BIG cup of tea every morning. You can never have too big a mug for tea, I say.

mug1 (Large)

Gal Smiley is my most loyal companion around here and she has started having a cup of tea in the evenings, mostly out of solidarity with me, I think, as it is intolerable to her unless laden with three spoons of sugar and a half cup of milk. But she’s made it a habit, and she prefers her tea in this cow mug because, she claims, it is “smoother” than the others.

mug2 (Large)

Sometimes Sir Monkeypants joins us for tea, too. He prefers this mug we bought at Universal Studios in Florida back in 2000 when we were young and carefree and childless and able to get up at 7 a.m. on New Year’s Day to go ride the Hulk coaster six times in a row until I nearly threw up. GOOD TIMES.

mug4 (Large)

Every morning for breakfast the Captain has a “hot chocolate,” which is really a protein drink that is a milk-substitute for him. It mixes better if warmed up so he has it in this mug every morning, which was a birthday gift this year. If you can name the TV show that this references, you are my friend for life.

mug3 (Large)

The Little Miss isn’t much into warm drinks but when she is cold she likes a hot chocolate – the real kind, with milk and cocoa – but she doesn’t want a big serving so I always make it for her in this little Belle mug. My mother bought it for her and there’s a matching plate, and we also have a Mickey and Donald set for the other two that see their fair share of use, but it’s the Little Miss that considers this little one her go-to mug.

mug5 (Large)

Join us for a little something sometime, won’t you?

12 thoughts on “Favourite Mugs

  1. Ohhhhhh I so loved this post. And I liked the pictures, the way the mugs you’d already discussed joined the background of the mug currently being discussed.

  2. I don’t drink from mugs anymore (why? I don’t even know!). But I used to be proud of my Ottawa Citizen mug, a reward I got a few years ago when the paper published one of my pictures. And I have a very cute mug from the Second Cup collection, you know the fancy one with hearts and stuff.

    I always wish I could bring back mugs from all over the world, sadly they don’t travel well.

  3. Judy

    We have quite the collection of mugs and I have never seen an SNL one before (am I right? Or is SNL just parodying the original…) our mugs mainly see coffee and ovaltine around here

  4. smothermother

    we’ve got boring mugs and then a plethora of Leaf mugs that the hubby gets at the end of the school year from his students. I’m not a warm drink drinker, put I do have a favorite mug from UNICEF that if I do have a cuppa, it’s my go to.

  5. bibliomama2

    I can only drink out of very specific mugs. Once there was a lovely blue one in Indigo that I loved so much I bought one for me and a bunch of other people. Eve has tried to drink tea for years and HATED it, like wondered how it even got designated as consumable hated it, but yesterday she tried chai and liked it, so we may be able to have tea together yet. And yes – Pushing Daisies, best show ever. Cup pies!

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