A Short Whiny Post of Sadness

I haven’t posted in forever, so just wanted to check in to say:

* I am still here.

* I have been busy – work stuff, mostly.

* Blog Out Loud was on Sunday and it was so, so great. The readers always amaze me. I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of them!

* I am sad, and worried, and generally not so fun to be around.

Mostly what is making me sad is Little Miss Sunshine. After several months of constantly itchy skin, disrupted sleep and general crankiness, I am forced to admit that what is happening to her has all the earmarks of a food allergy.

That makes me want to swear a lot, and rail at the heavens. She was our one kid, ONE KID, who we didn’t have to worry about. Who we could send to birthday parties carefree, without having to pack her own food and treat. Who we could take out to any restaurant we wanted when the other two were busy with other activities. Who could eat every single thing I make.


So we’ve been back at the food diary stage, trying to figure out what is bothering her, and actually she is getting worse all the time, with hives and vomiting, and all through it I am just ANGRY, and SAD, and PISSY. And it wouldn’t be so bad if she was allergic to anything the other two are – which is a long, long list of choices – but NO, it looks like it is going to be corn and/or oats, something NEW.

I give up. We shall live on nothing but apple slices and lemonade for eternity.

So yes, I’m not so fun to be around right now, either online or in person. But I’m still here.

9 thoughts on “A Short Whiny Post of Sadness

  1. and we are glad you are!

    I’m not going to try to cheer you up – you’re well entitled to be as sad as you like.
    My sympathies to you, nevertheless, and I hope relief in some form comes quickly for Little Miss Sunshine.

  2. Oh shit, I’m sorry to hear that. It sucks. I get it, no parent want MORE troubles in life! This food allergy thing is so weird… and food being kind of essential, it’s not like you can’t get away saying “sorry, no dog honey, you’re allergic!”

    You have my sympathy 😦

  3. Crap. And yes, that’s my professional assessment of your situation. I’m sorry you’re going to have to deal with this again. But I too am glad you’re still here…. Hugs.

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