Elderly Moment

I took the girls to see Disney On Ice today. Sitting behind us was a young family – a dad, mom, and their daughter who I’d guess was about 2.

(Enter Belle and the Beast to do a number.)

Dad: Aw, Beauty and the Beast! Remember when this movie came out?

Mom: No, I was too young when it came out to go see it.

And scene.

Remind me to book an appointment for hearing aids and to pick up a walker tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Elderly Moment

  1. smothermother

    I was 20 and went to see it in the theaters.

    My hip and knee have been acting up. Should look into replacements I guess.

  2. It came out in 1991. 1-9-9-1. You are not old, this woman is a CHILD. Do not get yourself a walker yet my friend, you are waaaaay too young for that nonsense! 🙂

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