Don’t Ask Me If I’m Okay

I am developing a very odd pet peeve, and it’s that I hate it when everyone rushes to ask me if I am okay when I squeal with frustration or drop something in the kitchen.

It took us forever to teach the children that when someone is hurt, an appropriate response is to show concern, and ask if they are alright, and offer to help, and definitely NOT to just continue playing Legos as if all was well in the world.

But now I find it has gone too far and every time I yelp because I’ve been splattered by bacon (which happens OFTEN), or drop some tupperware on the floor with a clatter, or exclaim in frustration because I forgot about the pancakes and now they are burned, three little voices are right there all up in my business with a concerned, “Are you okay??” And to that I say a) I am not okay, per se, but I’m not dying or anything, and b) there’s nothing they can do, and c) making a bigger deal about it than I am already making (like the big baby I am) makes me more angry, so d) you and your FREAKING CONCERN are likely to get snapped at in a most unjust manner.

So now I have a new rule, NO ASKING IF MOMMY IS OKAY. Please be LESS NICE to your mother. Please ignore me and allow me to suffer in peace while you quietly suffer in guilt at your complete impotence over there somewhere.

I feel like I am the very HEIGHT of Scrooge on this, don’t you?

7 thoughts on “Don’t Ask Me If I’m Okay

  1. bibliomama2

    Friday night I was tired and my feet and back hurt and I wanted to make an appetizer for a party I was going to on Saturday and I knew I should wait because I had no business cooking in that mood. I burned my finger and my tongue, forgot the baking powder and the whole thing went sideways and when my husband kept asking if I was okay and if he could do anything to help it was ALL I COULD DO not to break his nose. So yeah, I hear this. Which might not be really comforting for you. 🙂

  2. OMG Lynn this made me laugh as I have this pet peeve, with my husband! any time I drop something, bang into something etc. he yells out “are you ok”? I guess it is said in LOVE, but to me it always feels like he is calling me on it. like ” I heard you screw up.”
    perhaps we are just being oversensitive………. but I get it!

    1. Colleen

      Sarah, I actually gasped when I read your comment. I am the one who always asks “are you okay?” (yes, in love), and my husband hates it. I NEVER got it, but if he’s actually hearing me say “I heard you screw up”, I guess it would be pretty annoying. Thanks for the new perspective!

  3. No one says this to me. I could be bleeding to death from a serious cut on my hand from an accidental bang into the screen door (and this actually happened) and no one even blinked (although the kids were much younger then…).


    (They did come and plaster me up after they realized I made a mess, and asked me incessantly after the fact if I was ok….)


  4. So cute! My pet peeve is hubby always saying “be careful” AFTER the incident. As if??? Your little rant made me laugh with you and sharing the same sentiment 🙂

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