Meanwhile, On Instagram

I’ve never really figured out Twitter and I always feel like I should be doing more on Facebook than just spying on old friends from high school and university. So I really can’t explain why I decided to join Instagram.

Mostly I was curious about the filters, I think.

Anyway, I’m on Instagram now and I kind of love it. It’s like micro blogging, super fast and flip and fun. And pretty! So many pretty pictures! I don’t post often, but I just like that I can post often.

Come join me, if you like.

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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Instagram

  1. Beautiful pictures! I haven’t been on my Instagram account in ages–I only got it to follow my tween and she deleted hers several months ago. I’m very non-visual; I have to force myself to remember to even take pictures, let alone post them. Plus, most of my Instagram friends cross-post to Twitter and/or Facebook so I was seeing a lot of the same pics. However, I’ve enjoyed the blogging challenge in Nov. so much that I might do one of those photo challenges and post on Instagram to see if that grabs me.

    1. I also think I’m a very non-visual person and yet I’m finding it really fun. It’s possibly because I don’t have Facebook or Twitter on my phone, so when I’m out and about and a thought hits me, Instagram is my only choice. I do like it, though – hope you get back into it!

  2. I love instagram! Although I do crosspost to cover all my bases. The grandparents don’t have instagram (although my Mom just signed up) and goodness me if they missed out on adorable kiddo pictures. Outside of friends and family my favourite follows are local restaurants I either love or are dying to try. Love it!

  3. bibliomama2

    I joined Instagram solely for the filters, and I should have just set my account to private, because the only thing I really do with it is to periodically edit several dozen photos from my camera roll for blogging or to upload to Photolab, and then everyone following me gets inundated and asks me what the hell is going on. Your pictures are awesome, though.

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