‘Tis the Season

Yesterday I was reading Tudor’s blog post about her guilty secrets, one of which is that she actually likes the fall time change, and the way it makes the mornings much brighter and sunnier. At the end, she asked what our unpopular opinions are, and I thought about it, and here’s mine:

I actually like it that Christmas season starts November 1.

Okay, I can see that the current argument, that it should wait until at least after Remembrance Day, has some merit. But in general I’m happy to celebrate the season for as long as they’ll let me. I love hearing tinkly Christmas music in the stores, and seeing all the pretty decorations. I love the sound of the mall Santa’s Ho Ho Hos and the way every kid starts looking around with stars in their eyes, dreaming of treats and goodies and warm, happy times.

I love making lists, lots of lists, of gifts and cards and recipes to make – it makes me think about all the people I love, and what they are like, and what kinds of things they like, and all they bring to my life. Christmas is a very busy time for me – I always do too much! – but it never feels like a burden. It’s fun, and I like it.

(Remind me I said that on December 15 or so when I’m knee deep in baking, wrapping, and daily Christmas crafts with the kids.)

I’m better now with winter than I used to be, but November and December can still seem like a very sad time of year, with the dark nights and gloomy grey weather and dying gardens. We know we’re going into bleak days of cold and minimal sunlight.

So Christmas, to me, is a bright light in the middle, something to look forward to, but also something to just enjoy for the whole season. Around here we have a rule: no Christmas music, decorations, or talk about gift shopping until at LEAST after November 18, which is my birthday. But in truth, my lists are already started, and I’m already humming Sleigh Ride when I see the seasonal aisle at the Superstore, and I’m already stocking up on chocolate chips and icing sugar.

I’ll take the cheer for as many weeks as I can.

8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Oh, you just made that post worthwhile. My husband didn’t understand what I meant about the guilty / unpopular opinions, and I thought of going back and editing them out. But, yeah, you nailed it – yours is a good one. It’s those things that everybody else likes to gripe about and you think “I’m OK with that,” but you’re afraid of the reaction if you admit, for example, that you actually enjoy folding laundry *wondering if there’s any laundry I can fold tonight*

  2. I like starting to think about Christmas on November 1st, too. I don’t have to start CELEBRATING it on that very day in order to APPRECIATE seeing all the zombie/blood stuff come down and all the ornaments/trees go up. The Christmas season feels short and busy to me, so I like stretching it a bit so it feels more relaxed and enjoyable.

  3. You know, this year, I feel the same way. And we’re supposed to wait until after our Thanksgiving which is at the very end of November. But I’m already super excited about planning for the holiday season. Since my girls and 3 and 6 and actually sleep through (most) nights, I have the energy and desire to GO BIG this Christmas and do lots of fun stuff together. I already ordered our 7.5′ fake Christmas tree (we were due for a new one after 16 years of a sad cheap one from Target). I’ve also ordered a kit for scrapbooking this holiday season so I’m ready 🙂

  4. nicoleboyhouse

    I think about Christmas November 1 (well, earlier, to be honest) and I LOVE IT. I love getting that festive feeling and making it last as long as possible. We don’t decorate the house until Dec 1 (or, shortly before, depending on what day of the week Dec 1 is) but we do put up our Christmas lights as early in November as possible. Recall where I live – you need to make hay while the sun shines and get your lights up before it’s minus 30. We don’t have them GOING that early, but they are up.

    I know it’s a thing that you should wait until after Remembrance Day, but I truly don’t think it’s disrespectful. I think it is just fine, and why not increase the happy, bright part of this cold, grey, dark season?

  5. You’re writing all the blog posts I should be writing! I feel perfectly capable of honouring the heck out of any and all veterans whilst sipping my Starbucks Christmas coffee. I cannot understand how one cancels out the other. I mean I don’t decorate this early, but only because I am super lazy and the Halloween stuff is still all up. I am shopping and planning my face off though.

  6. Zhu

    I don’t *mind* Christmas but I don’t love it either. That said, I quite enjoy the festivities in December, the lights, the Santas, people shopping, etc. But in November? Huh huh. Sorry. Two months of Christmas is too much for me.

    1. My husband, too. I think that’s the more common reaction to seeing decorations go up November 1. We have a constant push-pull around here – I’m always trying to see how early I can get stuff out without him grumbling about it!

  7. This is lovely, and I do see your point. But that’s now that I’m (arguably) more sane than in previous years. We always have to travel for the holidays, my daughter’s birthday is Dec. 11, and WOTH severely cramps my holiday style. I love the IDEA of Christmas, but in REALITY it exhausts me. So many parties and school events and gift exchanges…it’s like everything has to be crammed into December. So I actually enjoy Christmas…on Christmas Eve and Day, when all the work is done. But I will try not to be as much of a Scrooge as in previous years.

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