Time to Update Your Mailing List

I got this in the mail yesterday:

formula (Small)

A formula sample and a “welcome to the Similac club!”. I suppose they do have a good point – these puppies aren’t so much with the milk production anymore, so perhaps it’s time to look at substitutes. I’m sure my 12, 11, and 8 year olds will be most receptive to the idea of sitting on my lap while I give them a sample bottle for dinner.

(Actually, possibly yes, depending on what’s on the menu for tonight’s meal. Sigh.)

4 thoughts on “Time to Update Your Mailing List

  1. Zhu

    😆 There are quite a few “baby perks” I signed up for when I was pregnant that I never received. Maybe I still have a chance, three years later??

  2. Sarah McCormack

    CRAZY.. like me receiving retirement living info addressed to me this week!!!

    on serious note, my friend (who breastfed 4 kids) got this same product several years after having a double mastectomy for breast cancer. it was upsetting.

    1. Ugh, they really SHOULD update their mailing list. This is actually the third time I’ve gotten this formula sample in the past five years – at the least, you’d think they don’t want to duplicate their packages.

      As for the retirement living info – that’s probably arriving next week for me. Along with another formula sample. Covering all bases!

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