Home at Sea

I’m really excited and proud to say that an essay I wrote was selected for inclusion in Home At Sea, a special episode of the Write Along Radio podcast.

Home At Sea

Write Along Radio is a great podcast run by two Ottawa authors, Catherine Brunelle and Kevin T. Johns, and it’s a must-listen if you’re an author, or interested in being a writer of any kind.

The Home At Sea episode is a series of stories, excerpts, and poems all about the ocean. It was made in concert with the WWF to help raise awareness and interest in preserving our oceans.

My story is about our trip a couple of summers back to PEI, and how the ocean affected us. I was honoured to be included, but listening to the actual podcast now, I’m really surprised at how moved I am. My piece was read by one of the hosts, Kevin, and he did an incredible job. Hearing my own words out loud was a strange and wonderful experience – I felt really just so grateful and happy and ugh, I know, it’s a SOUP of sentimentalism, but there you go.

If you’d like to have a listen, here’s the link. All of the pieces are good, but if you’re short on time you can skip ahead to about the 24 minute mark to hear my entry, which is about five minutes long.

4 thoughts on “Home at Sea

  1. Thank you for sharing this Lynn! And congrats! Very neat to listen to your writing instead of reading it myself, I can only imagine what it might be like to hear your own words read (I know I squirm a bit when I get Mike to read something of mine for me).

    I’ve finally subscribed to the podcast (it’s been on my to do list, pretty sure from you having mentioned it before). Looking forward to hearing more! Might even crowd out some CBC talk radio ;).

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