Laundry Day

Gal Smiley has taken to wearing these cargo shorts she has that have like, a hundred pockets on them, at the top, back, and down the sides.

Today was laundry day so I had to put them in the wash and found they weighed like, a hundred pounds.

Cleaning out the pockets, I found:

  • two Toronto-area GO train schedules
  • a small Playmobil catalogue
  • a hand-sized notebook and small pencil
  • a baseball
  • a hacky sack
  • an old cell phone of mine
  • a dime
  • a key card from one of our Calgary hotels
  • a keychain with a fold-out pocketknife on it and a bunch of suitcase keys
  • a folded up note of mysterious origin that I really wanted to read, but didn’t

No idea why she felt she needed to have these things on her person at all times. Also, no idea how she was able to physically walk this past week.

Children are mysterious creatures.

5 thoughts on “Laundry Day

  1. You will get past the not-reading-the-notes thing. I read my son’s iPod messages and he knows I do (random spot checks). I do this because he’s twelve and we pay for his devices and them’s just the rules … for now …

  2. Sounds like Meena’s backpack. Sounds like they’d both do well in one of those absurd games they used to play at wedding showers, when the first person to pull a train schedule/purple lip gloss/dinosaur figurine out of their purse wins a prize…

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