Dancity Dance Dance

It was the last Dance Show with new content this week, but before we get to that, let me just say this: Cat Deeley is pregnant, and I TOTALLY CALLED IT. Like, five weeks ago when she wore this:

I was all, to Sir Monkeypants, “Don’t you think she looks pregnant? I think she looks pregnant.” And Sir Monkeypants was all, “Leave me alone with your Dance Talk, woman.” So then I went and Googled, but there was no official announcement or even speculation about a baby bump by People Magazine, but I still felt sure, and then she was constantly wearing these weird frumpy outfits, and then this week, official announcement, WHAM, I CALLED IT.

I feel so proud of myself. I also totally called it ahead of time, by the way, when the American Ninja Warrior hostess from the past five seasons, Jenn Brown, was pregnant. And as an aside (as if this wasn’t far enough to the side already), the new hostess, Kristine Leahy, is a peach and I adore her and I’m very, very conflicted about what should happen should Jenn Brown wish to return.

Trivia: did you know that Cat Deeley was not the original hostess of Dance Show either, but rather stepped in for Season 2 when original hostess Lauren Sanchez got pregnant? An interesting parallel (well, interesting to probably just me, but whatever).

So! Dance show! Down to the top 4. Since I last posted about Dance Show, I have discovered the So You Think You Can Dance Facebook Page, where people are free to comment, and comment they do. Turns out many, many people out there really hate the judges. They are personally blamed for the fact that Jim went home, because they criticized him so harshly the last two weeks he was on. Personally I think the commenters overestimate the power of the judges to influence the voting, but you can discuss for yourselves. Was Jim sent home in error? And was it the judges’ fault?

I’m pretty happy with the final four, actually, although this week I thought they all looked very, very tired – no one was really at their best (although Virgil came close). I can’t remember the last time they expected so much of the final four – they don’t usually do so many dances, do they? I remember the season that Joshua won, and the final four that year did SO MANY numbers, and there was one group number near the end where Joshua had to lift Courtney Galiano in the air and very nearly dropped her, and you could just tell he was exhausted. This week’s show kind of felt like that to me.

Also: how much of a Dance Show wonk am I that I remember that happening like, eight seasons ago? Can’t decide if I am proud or ashamed.

Let’s predict the winners, shall we?

Jaja. I think she’s going to win. She’s charming and popular. I didn’t feel like she blew me away this week but I still think she has the votes she’ll need to win. Plus, I totally WANT her to win. (And then move next door with Megz so they can come over for poker on Sunday nights with me and Paula.)

Gaby. Looks like Gaby is pretty popular too, and if the judges really do have the power to influence votes, she should be the easy stage winner, as the three of them slobber all over her every week. I swear, I have NEVER heard them say one word of criticism about Gaby, which bugs me, and this week they basically french-kissed her with praise, gave her the glory final slot, and then turned to the cameras and said VOTE FOR GABY DUMMIES in sign language. GAH, and also, that tends not to work (see: judges slaving all over Travis in the Travis-versus-Benji Season Two showdown). In her favour, however, her tap number with Zach was pretty fantastic, and her number with Virgil (OMG do I ever love, love, love Phillip Chbeeb and his crazy original choreography) was the best of the night, so I guess I am okay with it if she is the stage winner, as long as it is clear that she is actually the America’s Second Most Favourite Dancer.

Aside: did you catch the fact that, while commenting on Gaby’s tap number, Jason Derulo identified himself as a tapper? I love you, Jason Derulo.

Virgil. Virgil certainly did do everything in his power to win this thing – his number with Gaby was awesome, his number with Joshua was double awesome, and his solo was the best of the night. In fact, if he wins over Jaja I won’t even have a problem with it, because he rocks, and he deserves to have a dancing career, and I love him.

Hailee. I also love Hailee, and I’m so happy she made the final four, but I did feel like this week did not showcase her talents as well as other weeks (although – solo dancing to Paula Abdul’s Cold Hearted Snake – SWEET). I guess making the final four is sort of her reward – “It’s an honour just to be nominated!” – and I definitely think she’s a long shot for the win. Still: she rocks.

Can’t wait for next week’s finale!