Stalking Tay-Tay

I am a singer. I sing in the car, in the shower, when I’m making dinner. I am really not a good singer, not at all. But at least three quarters of my mental capacity is taken up with song lyrics – I can’t stop it, they just get in there like a virus – and so I figure I better put the lyric library to good use. Plus, it makes me happy.

Today we were out at the War Museum and on the way there, Little Miss Sunshine was belting out Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” at top volume and it was lucky she was in the back seat and couldn’t see my face, because then I’d have to explain the huge grin. It’s not that I thought she was funny, it was just SO adorable. The passion involved in the belting – oh honey, I have been there. I had a moment when I thought of all the times I had sung in the car growing up, and I often wondered if I bugged my mother (my sisters made it clear that YES, IT BUGS). Maybe it will come around to bothering me someday but for now, I just had a swell of the sweetness of parenthood, the good stuff when your kid is just like you in the best possible way. Well, I think it’s the best possible way, at least. Next up: tap dancing in grocery store lines!

Speaking of Tay-Tay, she is coming to town on Monday, playing at the Canadian Tire Centre which is like, five minutes from my house. I really, really regret not getting tickets. I was considering taking the girls and then backed out because it would be too late of a night for them, but now that the date is looming I must admit that I, personally, really want to go. Sir Monkeypants bought me her album for Mother’s Day and I am properly embarrassed at my extreme soccer mom-ness, but I do love it, and I bet it’s an awesome show, and I wish I were going.

So I had a peek at Kijiji a couple of days ago (because it’s sold out) and there are like, 100 people on there selling off their tickets, which is hopeful, but they all want like $300 a ticket, which is not quite as hopeful. So I am thinking, if there are so many people with extra tickets, how about on Monday I just go over there at like, 8 p.m., with a sign around my neck that says “SINGLE TICKET WANTED” and see what happens? I mean, I’m not going to pay scalper prices, but I figure if I wait until the show actually starts, I could probably snap up a ticket at a reasonable price and get inside in time to catch Shake It Off.

Maybe I’ll even get really lucky and someone will be there with a group and someone from their group didn’t show and they’ll let me have the extra ticket for $20. Maybe I won’t get anything and all it will cost me is an evening of lurking about and $10 in parking money.

All in all it seems kind of badass and it seems to me that at my age, I could use a little more badass in my life. Hang in there, Taylor, I’m coming!

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