An Apology, 30 Years Later

Dear Mom,

It will probably amuse you to hear that I now have children who:

  • Take FOREVER to eat a meal;
  • Dance their way to and from school when you just need them to get there already;
  • Have been caught reading when they are supposed to be getting dressed/eating breakfast/doing homework;
  • Cannot find their way to the park despite having being there 1000 times, and it being three streets from our house;
  • Leave their shoes and coat wherever they feel like it upon entering the house;
  • Hate the feel of grass on their bare feet, and avoid the outdoors in general;
  • and make me listen to top 40 crap in the car.

So now I say to you: sorry about all that.


2 thoughts on “An Apology, 30 Years Later

  1. Haha – for years I’ve been meaning to write a sincere letter to my mother telling her about all the ways I didn’t understand what she did when I was a kid that I now understand, and how much I appreciate them now that I’m a parent. But every time I sat down to write it, I could never find the right words. Maybe I should send her this instead.

  2. KL

    I’m not able to write that letter any more but it would closely resemble yours. Most days when I’m frustrated with my daughter actions that seems vaguely familiar, I can hear her laughing with that “now you get it smile”.

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