Happy Number 19

This morning, after the breakfast rush:

Sir Monkeypants: Oh hey, by the way, happy anniversary.

Me: What? That’s tomorrow.

Sir Monkeypants: [eye roll]

Me, thinks it over: Cripes, you’re right. Happy anniversary!

Sir Monkeypants: I know we have never been big celebrators of the anniversary thing, but I think we have sunk to a new low.


Agreed. This is number 19. Even our very first wedding anniversary – spent in separate countries, he was away for work – was more romantic than this. Today’s activities include grocery shopping and laundry, supervision of a Scouts field trip in the evening, the slim hope of squeezing in shoe shopping. I’ll be trapped at home waiting for the hot water repair guy. He’ll be having a usual work day, then rushing home in time for me to rush out to Scouts. He’ll put the girls to bed while I go door-to-door in the rain. Maybe we’ll have time for a chat over a cup of tea just before bed.

I love our life and I love our family and I used to think there was no need to celebrate our ordinary happiness. But now I think that 19 years of love and laughter and having someone take your side when the kids are being jerks is worth a major celebration. I absolutely could not do this without Sir Monkeypants. I could not be here, could not take it, could not survive it.

Nineteen years, and he’s still putting up with the way I talk over every single movie and TV show, the way I never put anything in the dishwasher, and the way I continue to balk at any new activity or suggestion of change. He’s a good guy.

Next year, 20. My mother last week mentioned this upcoming milestone and I was all, “Yeah! We’ve actually been thinking…of maybe getting takeout.” And we both laughed, but it’s time to get serious. Twenty deserves a party. Hell, every day deserves a party. But I promise, next year at least, I’ll be better.

12 thoughts on “Happy Number 19

  1. 1996 was a good year to get married….. I should know 🙂

    we are the same with anniversaries- gonna make an effort to go for a nice dinner this year when our day arrives! although I have also booked eye dr. appts for both boys and a medical for my husband……. romance 🙂

  2. We were thinking of taking a trip for our 20th. But then we thought maybe we’d wait until the 25th, when the kids were even easier to leave behind and when everyone would REALLY expect us to Do Something. So for the 20th, maybe we’ll steal that takeout idea.

  3. 1996 for us too. We never remember either. Once we went out to a movie ON our anniversary, still forgetting it should be FOR our anniversary. Last year we were in Toronto at a brunch and I was talking about how bad we are, and the person I was talking to was looking at me strangely until I finally said “It’s totally my anniversary today, isn’t it?” and she said “I wasn’t going there!” Happy oblivious anniversary – the marriage is so much more important than the wedding date.

  4. Clearly all the cool people got married in 1996. Happy anniversary. We always seem to remember, but there’s no gifts/cards/hoopla.

  5. We’re 9 years this year. Our first anniversary I was working a campaign, our second I was working late because it was budget day…

    But other than 10 years more experienced we sound a lot like you, so I’ll look forward to the next decade.

  6. Hilariously (to me) my husband mistakenly wrote our anniversary on the calendar for today (it’s actually may 26) and I plan to tease him about it forever. We met 20 years ago but have only been married 14 this year (only!) and wow when I write it down them’s big numbers.

    But happy anniversary to you both! To 19+ more years!

  7. smothermother

    Happy Anniversary! Totally get this. We are the exact same. We don’t do celebrations other than the big holidays (Thanksmas, Christmas, Easter) and birthdays (for me and the jellybean. The hubby couldn’t care less). We’re 12 this summer. I figure maybe 15 we might get a hotel for the night. Why not be crazy and carefree, right?


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