A Hell of a Week

It’s been a hell of a week.

I’m usually a pretty appreciative person and that’s with good reason, because I have a pretty cushy and happy life. I mean, I have fantastic friends, who rush to tell me what a great writer I am when I lose my favourite writing gig. And a wonderful husband, who is gentle and supportive when you smash the van into the side of your neighbour’s parked car. And sweet kids, who lead you away from the sink full of dishes when they find you sobbing into the suds because you’ve pushed yourself physically too far, then make you a cup of tea and a plate of strawberries and crackers in the shape of a happy face. And kids who don’t complain one bit when they have to submit to a barrage of tests and possible new medical issues, or the daily turning of the crank inside the roof of their mouth that is widening their jaw. And extended family who tell you they love the Easter dinner, even when you forgot to put salt in the pie crust and the turkey went a little too far to the crispy side. And clients who are understanding when things just get away from you and you don’t finish their stuff on time and feel totally unprofessional and stupid.

But still – a hell of a week.

11 thoughts on “A Hell of a Week

  1. oh gee Lynn! would it help at all to tell you that I think you are completely AWESOME!!??

    Sorry you are having one of those weeks. I had one of those YEARS last year… one thing after the other. I even used the word “sucked” in my annual Christmas letter because I just couldn’t pretend it was a wonderful year.

    sending lots of support and a big hug your way!!

  2. Ack. So sorry to hear you are having a week like this… I have been checking to see if you are blogging because your posts make me smile and happy and feel not so alone-like, but I get it. We all do. We have weeks like that. Ick.

    On the bright side. I got me some granite counter installed. The plumber is here fixing the running toilet and installing the kitchen faucet and the appliances are coming THIS. AFTERNOON. So although my patience is thinner than egg shells I am going to focus on all this happening stuff so I can come back to blogging with pictures very soon.

    In the meantime… happy writing to the turtlehead blog! I’ll be reading. 🙂

  3. Writing retreat on the way – with heavy emphasis on the “retreat” – hang in there! (Really it’s a chocolate / wine / insert-your-poison-here retreat, but it sounds better to put the writing in there).

  4. nicoleboyhouse

    Aw, honey. I’m so sorry. That sounds like a shitty week. Hugs to you and if I could, I’d totally bake you a pie. xoxo

  5. smothermother

    Gaj! All that in one week? The rest of the month should be frakkin awesome then. But seriously, shitty week. Hope it gets better from here. Thank goodness for good friends, hubbies and kids.

  6. Hooray for supportive family & friends. (strawberries and crackers in a smiley face? Awww.) Wishing you a restful weekend & better days to come.

  7. Oh sweetie, so sorry I missed this when encouraging words might have actually helped. You know I cracked our bumper off the van backing into a post right in front of Eve’s friends’ house at school drop-off last winter, right? And that I still don’t have a job? And did I mention that I baked a batch of biscuits without the baking powder, soda or salt last week? And let’s just remember that BOLO, engineered solely by YOU, is taking place under the umbrella of the Writer’s Festival tomorrow. And I hope this week is better.

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