New Signs of Maturity

The other day we were riding in the car and the Little Miss asked me:

“Mommy, you know the things in our Easter basket? Do you leave them, or does the Easter Bunny?”

So I sighed – my last baby! – and I admitted that I do the leaving of treats.

Then she said, “Great. Can I have a stuffie then?”

Not fazed at all. Just happy to have a direct line to the supplier.

She appears to still totally believe that the Bunny brings the hidden eggs, though. I’ll be happy when all the “magical nighttime vistors” have been outed but it’s kind of sad, too, you know?

A few days later, we heard an ad featuring Stephen Harper on the radio in the car, and that sparked this with the Little Miss – A Child’s First Talk About Politics.

Little Miss: Who is Stephen Harper?

Me: He’s the current Prime Minister of our country.

Her: I knew he was someone. Why is he on the radio?

Me: There is an election coming up, and he is telling us why we should vote for him.

Her: Doesn’t he just get to keep his job if he wants?

Me: No, we can pick someone else if we want.

Her: I think we should keep the old guy, IF he is not a bad guy, because you don’t know if the other guy is going to be a bad guy or not.

Me: Very true. But, they have to tell us before the election what they will do if they get picked.

Her: Oh, so you can pick a good guy.

Me: Yes. Sometimes they lie, though, so you have to decide who you are going to trust.

Her: Here’s how you can know. If they say “ummm…” and then take a long time to answer, they are probably lying. But if they answer right away, they are probably lying because they probably thought about what they would say. So if they take like, one minute to think, then they answer, that is probably the truth.

Me: I will keep that in mind.

Her: You also have to look at their face and body and stuff.

Alert Justin Trudeau: the Little Miss is available for pre-debate vetting if required.

In other news, I had to renew the kids’ passports last month and seeing as how the Captain is now 11 (and actually, will be 12 TOMORROW, SNIFF), he had to sign his application. He can barely write in cursive and definitely has never signed his name to anything before, so we had him practice a few times before laying down his very first John Hancock, a sweet babyish scrawl of his name in all lower case. Aw.

Now he’s totally ready to sign autographs as a famous teen rock star. They grow up so fast!

2 thoughts on “New Signs of Maturity

  1. Zhu

    Cute moment! Sounds like they are growing up wise and fun, and you should get credit for that 🙂 I think your daughter “politician lie detector” is brilliant and shows that she has a good grasp of human psychology!

    (Can we like, NOT reelect Harper???)

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