Sushi and Chocolates

The kids were watching Drake and Josh on Netflix the other day while I was cooking, and this scene came on, of the two boys attempting to pack sushi into boxes from a conveyor belt:

I let the kids watch it without comment just to see what would happen, and they found it HILARIOUS, I possibly have never heard Gal Smiley in particular laugh so loud. So it’s good to know that after 60+ years, Lucy’s still got it:

I showed them the Lucy version on YouTube afterwards, and they thought it was pretty cool, too. A solid foundation in Pop Culture History is pretty important to me.

But they still think, after re-watching both several times, that Drake and Josh have the edge. Youth these days! Which do you prefer?

2 thoughts on “Sushi and Chocolates

  1. After seeing this yesterday I asked my kids at the dinner table, “Hey, do you know a Drake and Josh where they pack sushi in boxes?” Much hilarity ensued with children miming throwing sushi on the ceiling.

    Later I showed them the “I Love Lucy” version. They giggled throughout but insisted Drake and Josh are better …

    We decided D&J was an homage to Lucy, with much more hilarity ensuing over the proper pronunciation of “homage.”

    1. My kids also thought Drake and Josh was funnier – the sushi on the ceiling was genius – but they also love the fact that it was an HOMAGE (also a super popular word around here – will have to work that into the comedy course somehow!).

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