Emergency Potato Update!

So Amy left a comment on Friday’s post about the Tiny Potato Who Believes You Can Do The Thing, that she wanted to make a poster out of it. And I thought, BRILLIANT, I will do exactly that for my children! So I went to Google and searched for “tiny potato” images, and the very first hit was this:


Taken from cerealz on imgur.

More searching revealed there is a whole Tiny Potato meme, as well as further sayings and art – you can see the whole collection here on We ♥ It.

None of these seem to be the original creators, though. Tiny Potato – still a mystery, but now a much, much bigger mystery.

Edited to add:

There’s more! Apparently the potato version is a modification to the original picture, which made the rounds about 8 months ago as a tiny cactus:


Taken from HotMeme.net, but I believe the original was posted to Reddit on their “Daily Inspiration” board.

The potato version seems to have been made as a take-off by potato-obsessed Emily of Emily’s Diary – see her Tumblr for all kinds of potato art.

Sherlock Holmes would be SO PROUD of me. Elementary, my dear Watson!

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