A Butt

The other day, Gal Smiley was looking at a placemat we have of all the Prime Ministers because she has to pick one for a school project.

(What, your house doesn’t have placemats with all the Prime Ministers on them?)

The Captain’s favourite Prime Minister is the lesser-known Sir John Abbott, because they share the same birthday.

(What, your kids don’t have a favourite Prime Minister?)

Lately the Captain has taken to referring to Abbott lovingly as “A Butt” because he’s 11 and that’s hilarious.

So they had this conversation:

Gal Smiley: I have to pick a Prime Minister for my project.

Me: That placemat is older and the current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, isn’t on there.

The Captain: Are you going to do A Butt? [snickers]

Gal Smiley: No, I’m thinking of doing the current Prime Minister.

The Captain: How do you know I wasn’t referring to the current Prime Minister?

Me: Ha ha ha ha ha! AWESOME.

(What, your kids don’t make jokes about current Canadian politics?)

11 thoughts on “A Butt

    1. I bought them at Zellers before it closed, but this was easily 10 years ago, or maybe more. They seem like a low-popularity item so I’m not sure you could still get one today. I’ll google!

  1. Eileen

    That really was an awesome, and very astute,response from the Captain to Gal Smiley. It’s also remarkably accurate!

    1. SNORT. We totally should, apparently. Maybe I will look into this as a secondary career – the WTN winnings should cover the startup costs, no?

  2. Our current placemats include
    – periodic table of the elements
    – flags of the world
    – constellations
    – multiplication tables
    – flags of the 50 states
    – table setting guide

    We’ve had the presidents of the US in the past, but that one didn’t really click. The table of the elements is a huge hit, though – elder son actually memorized the whole thing, if you can believe it (I still can’t).

    From what I’ve heard from down here, though, the Captain was being entirely too kind when referring to the PM in that manner.

    1. That is FABULOUS. I covet a flags placemat in particular. I of course just ran to Google and turns out they may, possibly, be available for purchase right here in Ottawa. I know what I’m doing tomorrow!

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