Most Non-Celebratory Family Ever, Apparently

Bedtime. The Little Miss is always chatty at bedtime.

Her: Something sad happened at school today.

Me: Oh really? What’s that, honey?

Her: We were working on our family tree project, and we had to say what celebration we celebrate the most.

Me: Oh, you mean like Christmas or Ramadan or Kwanzaa?

Her: Only I didn’t know what to say! I had NO IDEA! It was too confusing!

Me: That’s okay.

Her: So I just wrote, “Olympics.”


Guess this is what I get for being a flag geek.

4 thoughts on “Most Non-Celebratory Family Ever, Apparently

    1. I imagine her teacher now thinks of us as toga-wearing nuts who stand around the TV during Olympics time, singing songs of praise and lighting candles, then exchanging medals as gifts. Doesn’t every family do that?

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