Dance It Up, Fuzzball

So! As usual my predictions are way off, as my top pick – Bridget – went home last week. I have to say, it’s highly unlikely that her “Bollywood Disco” number would have saved her this week, anyway (HORRIFYING, do you not think? It is time to put both Bollywood and Disco to PASTURE). Emilio went home too, which makes me sad but I understand, leaving an odd situation where all the boys are contemporary (except Zack, although I’m unclear on his actual skills as he seems to be experienced at everything), and all of the girls are not-contemporary. Interesting…we’ll see how it all plays out.

Before we rank, just wanted to comment that I LOVED Jasmine in the hip hop number with Emilio last week. I wasn’t always her biggest fan, but she was so hypnotically good. I wonder if the experience and the confidence and lack of pressure of being an all star has made a difference – or maybe I’ve just loosened up.

Anyway, predictions for tonight!

Rudy. It is time for me to admit that Rudy is probably going to win this thing, and he’s good, so I should be happy, but ugh, he’s obnoxious. Still, he came through ballroom okay last week – not great, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would be – and so he should sail through to next week and into the top 4. He’s with the flawless Allison this week and this is his chance to really impress me – don’t blow it, pretty boy.

Ricky. Oh my LANDS, how I loved his number with Lauren. Two fantastic dancers paired with my favourite choreographer (Mandy Moore!), doing my favourite style. LOVED LOVED LOVED. In fact, I’m going to go watch it again RIGHT NOW. Ricky’s with Jaimie this week (remember her from the Hummingbird number back in season 3) and she dazzles me with her physical skills, so they should dazzle. Fingers crossed for a Ricky win!

Jessica. The judges have skillfully planted a bug in the ear of America (Jessica for the win!) and I think it is paying off. She’s actually really good, and I like that she is finally getting her chance to shine. She rocked with Twitch last week – although I have to say, Twitch is the BEST all star to get, because he is always 100% focused on making his partner look good, and he’s genius at it. But still, I think she’ll easily get through this week, especially because she’ll be dancing in her style (modern jazz) with Will.

Tanisha. I’m finding the girls hard to call but I think Tanisha has the edge, at least for this week, because her tango with Ryan was as good as everything Miriam and Leonardo ever do (they manage to blow my mind every single time, despite doing the same style every time, and some other choreographers could learn something from this, SONIA). Tanisha has contemporary with Nick this week (NICK!! Season 1, REPRESENT) so I’m not sure that will be enough to propel her into the top 4…we’ll see.

Casey. I am really loving Casey these days. He’s a good dancer, and also has the humility that some other dancers (RUDY) lack. He actually managed to hold his own with Kathryn last week – no easy task – but this week has hip hop with Comfort which will likely be a disaster. EEP.

Zack. Sadly, I must put Zack as the lowest ranked boy because, for the past few seasons at least, America has stood by their voting history and the second-last person from the week before is the one to go this week. Thought he was great with Amy last week, and he’ll probably be good with Mackenzie this week (more contemporary though – can’t we show some versatility, dance show?), but likely he is out.

Jacque. Putting her as the second-to-bottom girl despite what I just said about previous voting patterns, because her ballet with Chehon was SO LOVELY. Seriously, one of my favourite things I’ve ever seen on this show, delicate and light and a beautiful melding of styles. (Can Travis Wall do no wrong? Discuss.) This week, she’s with Twitch and although Twitch makes the ladies shine, I doubt even he will be able to elevate Jacque into the top 4 with something so far outside her style.

Valerie. The judges made it clear last week that they think Valerie is the weakest girl left, and all but held up signs telling America not to vote for her. Did it work? We’ll find out tonight – but I predict yes. She’s pulled Latin Ballroom with Ryan tonight, which also will do nothing to showcase her charm or talents, so even if it’s not her this week – it probably will be next week.

Let’s close with an open topic of discussion: do you think Dance Show is played out? I notice that every year, the dancers get younger and younger, and some of the choreographers are cycling through the same ideas, and the association with iTunes means it’s all current hit music and the choreographers can’t pick things they really want to…and most of all, I don’t seem to feel the same passion about who will win, and who won’t, anymore. Do you?

2 thoughts on “Dance It Up, Fuzzball

  1. Alas ,Lynn, I think it has played out for me. I still enjoy the auditions but I seem to lose track after that. I have seen some performances, and although I still enjoy them, I am not so inclined to stick around.

  2. smothermother

    Travis Wall can do no wrong. End of discussion.

    Dance Show might have seen its time, but as long as it’s on I will watch. Even the same moves seem to be on repeat, I still love to watch it.

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