Summer of Awesome 2014

It’s shocking to me that June starts on Sunday, and we are, as of today, officially one month away from the last day of school. This has been my first year with all three kids in full-time school, and I had plans, big plans, oh such plans for how I was going to spend all my oodles of free time.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Needless to say, we are ending the year with the house and my hobbies and my personal fitness level in much the same state as it was when we began. SIGH.

In more positive news, however, it’s Summer of Awesome time, and that is AWESOME. (Also: it is Dance! Show! season time, starting on Wednesday, and that is SUPER AWESOME.) It amazes me that this is like, my fifth summer of trying to be tourists in our own city, of trying to explore every square inch of Ottawa, and yet, there are still plenty of things on our list that we have never done before. Just how big is this place, anyway?

So I have a full and comprehensive list of summer activities in Ottawa for you to check out, if you are planning your own Summer of Awesome. Here’s the sublist of things I’m hoping to get to this year with my own kids (who are aged nearly 7, 9 1/2, and 11).

(Links to all these are on the main page linked above – I am too lazy to copy them over here. I guess that means summer has already begun!)

RCMP Musical Ride – Still have never been. It’s like I don’t even DESERVE to live in Ottawa. This runs the last week of June.

The Mint – My oldest has a sudden, deep, passionate interest in coins. We actually took him there (after much begging) on Mother’s Day so he could spend some of his birthday money on a solid silver collectors coin. I’m sure we’ll be back again over the summer though.

Pandas 3D IMAX movie at the Museum of History – For my panda-loving middle child.

Museum of Nature – Of course we have been here dozens of times, but we’re interested in their new Creatures of Light exhibit, plus the winners of the annual nature photography competition are on display now and we make it a point to check that out every year.

Diefenbunker – Have never actually taken the kids here before. Ottawa FAIL.

Mud Lake or Gatineau Park hike – Because it’s good for me to force myself to go outside in the few weeks of the year when we can actually do that without wearing three layers of coat. Also, have never been to either of these before, and I hear they’re lovely.

Rideau Hall – Never been here with the kids before either. What HAVE I been doing with my time?

Parliament Hill – Due for a visit as it’s been a couple of years since we were there, and the kids love it. We have never taken them for the full inside tour, just up the tower, so will try that this year, and will likely hit the market while we’re in the area.

Upper Canada Village – We’ve been for Alight at Night and Pumpkinferno, but never in the summer. I put this one on the list every single year and yet we never make it so let’s give this one a 50% chance of actually happening.

Altitude Gym Clip and Climb – We went once and the kids have been begging to go back ever since.

Saunder’s Farm – Because it’s not summer until we’ve been to Saunder’s Farm.

Ray’s Reptiles – So far winning the “what will we do for the Little Miss’ birthday party” discussion.

Skyzone – Perfect for a rainy summer day – my youngest has never been so that’ll be fun.

Puppets Up Festival in Almonte – Happening on the August long weekend. I’m curious and we’ve never been so hope to convince Sir Monkeypants to go this year.

Fletcher Wildlife Garden – A lovely little garden showcasing different wildlife environments, near the Museum of Agriculture and Food.

Thimble Cafe – They make dairy-free coconut milk ice cream that is wicked expensive and wicked good. Our summertime treat destination.

Outdoor Pools and Splash Pads – We usually do summer swimming lessons but this year I’m going to skip them. But I hope to make up for it by going to one of the local outdoor pools or a splash pad park any day we’re not doing anything else. Swim it up!

What are you planning on doing this summer?

11 thoughts on “Summer of Awesome 2014

  1. There’s a Medieval Festival at Upper Canada Village June 7-8. We checked it out a few years ago and it was a lot of fun. I feel like your kids would dig it. We saw jousting! And bought a pickle on a stick. (It was a really good pickle, if somewhat difficult to eat.)

    1. Cool! We will check it out, that is a great idea. They have other special event weekends too – I was eyeing the “horse lovers” weekend as my youngest loves horses – I think that one is on the Labour Day weekend.

      1. smothermother

        the medieval festival is totally worth checking out. we went last year. and the knights ride horses!

    1. Oh, I forgot about that! I hope they have some family friendly titles. They also have storytime on Friday afternoons. Hm, probably too lame for my 11 year old eye-roller, though. 🙂

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  3. MrsCarlSagan

    We should plan to do a Mud Lake trip together, back to my house for lunch and then hit the outdoor pool across the street. Awesome!!

  4. Yay! Lots of great ideas. Thanks! We have yet to do an Ottawa river cruise so I’m sticking that on my list. I need to get to a food truck sometime and spin the wheel of festivals to see what we can do as a family or on my own. All Great stuff!

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