May Days

You can tell it’s May around here, because suddenly the calendar is full from morning until night, booked solid with activities, to the point where we can barely breathe. I keep wanting to yell at the world, these amusing incidents are not going to blog themselves but before I get to the end of the sentence, someone else needs to go somewhere or something else needs doing, and I’m off and running again.

Here’s the most important thing from this week: I’m going to be on TV! I’ll be representing on Our Ottawa, which is a CBC program shown locally in the Ottawa area. It airs on the local CBC channel at 6 a.m. Saturday, then is repeated at 11 a.m. Sunday and again at 11 a.m. Monday. I’ll be talking about Mother’s Day activities around town, and showcasing some of the Mother’s Day crafts featured this week on the SavvyMom site and on their pinboard.

(Side plug for SavvyMom: I’m the Ottawa Correspondent, which means I write the headline articles for the Ottawa section of their website and for the e-newsletter that goes out weekly to a few thousand Ottawa-area homes. You can sign up to get the newsletter on their website – and I’m always on the lookout for great businesses or events in Ottawa that parents would want to know about. Just drop me a line.)

I’ve already taped my segment, and the best part was that there was a makeup lady on site, and in about three minutes she made me look about 20 years younger. Makeup – WHO KNEW? I want to hire her to come live with me and do my makeup daily.

I kid, though – the best BEST part was meeting the host of the show, Lucy van Oldenbarneveld. She’s the CBC news anchor here in Ottawa and I managed to hold it together for most of the taping of the show even though I was sitting right next to LUCY VAN OLDENBARNEVELD. At the end I confessed my super fangirl-dom and had this photo taken:

LynnLucy1 (Medium)

She is every bit as fabulous and delightful and interesting in person as you might imagine. SERIOUSLY. FABULOUS.

The TV spot could not have come at a better time (despite the bursting at its seams schedule, which saw me running to Michaels for craft supplies on Tuesday afternoon, then engaging the girls in a three-hour crafting marathon squeezed in between piano lessons, to prep the props for the next morning). That’s because I’m off, in about 10 minutes, to give a talk to Little Miss Sunshine’s class entitled, “What I do for a Living.” Her teacher asked parents if they would be willing to come in and talk about their jobs, and so the Little Miss and I had this conversation:

Her: Will you come into my class and talk about your job?

Me: Do you even know what I do?

Her: You sit at the computer all day and do blogging.

Me: Hm, pretty close. Why don’t you ask your dad?

Her: He will be busy working.

Me: And I will be…? Nevermind.

Her: So will you?

Me: I guess so.

And so, I am off to try to make “blogging” and “website design” sound super cool and awesome. I really, really hope no firemen or policemen show up. At least I have Lucy van Oldenbarneveld in my back pocket – that’s sure to impress a bunch of Grade 1 kids, don’t you think?

8 thoughts on “May Days

  1. Tell the little tykes that you are the multi-tasking-business-woman-mom-extraordinaire!

    You lead an exciting life. I tip my hat to you! 🙂

  2. I was totally going to ask about the make-up – even though there are so many more important things to be prepped for when making a TV appearance, I’d be stuck on that one. So glad there was somebody to do it for you!

    You are a star. This is so great!

    I was in talking to a couple of grade nine classes on Tuesday, and one of the students asked “Do you do something else, other than write?” and I was all flustered. I finally said, “Well, yeah, you know, look after my family …” I think I lost major street cred with that answer.

    Then, another one asked, “What are your goals in 10 years?” and I was thinking “Why do I have to pick anything else? I’m just getting by day-to-day and, up until now I thought I was doing OK!”

    I think the littler kids will be more gentle with you – being on TV should be enough for them!

    1. They were great – very suitably impressed and full of questions. Mostly they wanted to know a) what happens if my hands get tired, and b) what happens if my computer battery dies. Nothing too self-esteem killing! 🙂

  3. OMG, Lynn, my famous TV-star friend, what a week you’re having! First CBC then Grade 1. Congratulations! You DO have super cool and awesome jobs, and I can’t wait to tune in to the show with Lucy.

  4. This is awesome – congrats on the TV spot!! Was it hard to “act natural” in front of the camera? After that, speaking to your daughter’s class must have been easy 😉

  5. Chantal

    I am going to set my pvr to record your segment! Can’t wait to see it. Good on you for talking to the class about your job. The idea of doing that gives me the hives. I hate talking about my job.

  6. That’s awesome, how exciting. Re: makeup and who knew? I KNEW, LYNN. I knew. This is why I’m such a makeup fiend, because I’m vain as the day is long.

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