I’ve been swamped this week with work (not that that’s a bad thing!), managing the basement reno (updates soon!), and dealing with a revolving door of sick children. I feel like we’re all just hanging on by a thread, waiting for spring. It’s a little warmer out there but the wind and the muck and the sniffly noses aren’t exactly making me feel like doing a Footloose-style dance routine through the streets. Just a little longer. You can do it.

Also overwhelming: due to some (overshare!!) digestive issues, my doctor has me trying out a new diet on a temporary basis. I have had to say goodbye to many foods I was eating on a daily basis, including pears, avocados, coconut, and – EEP – wheat. I’m pretty sure wheat is not a problem, and I will be running back to gluten at the end of my six week trial period (they will take my pie from my COLD DEAD HANDS). But until then, I’m doing the gluten-free thing.

Thank heavens I have already been through this once with the Captain, so I have some recipes and favourite store-boughts and a few tricks in my back pocket already, but it has been hard having to make two dinners every night. On the plus side, though, I think it has really helped me be more mindful of what I’m eating in general. When you work from home and the kitchen is six feet away from you all day long, it is far too easy to wander in there and pop any manner of cookies, banana bread, cereal, or brownies in your mouth while mulling over some-work-thingy. Now I find I am forced to reach for fruits and vegetables a lot more often, which is a good thing, and I do feel better.

Still TOTALLY running back to pie the second I can, though.

And while we are oversharing, I feel the need to mention this amazing video that has changed my life. I saw it over on Amy’s blog several weeks back and OMG, REVOLUTION. It turns out I have, my entire life, been wearing the wrong bra size. I watched the video and then went out and tried on a (SERIOUSLY, TOTALLY) different and new bra size and it was like the angels sang. You must watch this.


5 thoughts on “Oversharing

  1. THANK YOU LYNN! I’m on my way to thank Amy now. I haven’t even seen the video yet (will watch it on the weekend), but I need to buy bras and I am seriously tired of never being entirely happy with them.

  2. I was wearing the wrong bra for a long time, and those fittings are actually really helpful. The problem for me lately is – overshare? – one boob is bigger than the other, like it must be a cup size bigger. So what to do? Buy a bigger size and then stuff the other? I don’t know. This is a recent development (heh) so I’m not sure what’s up.

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