Evolution of the Bathroom Door

My use of the bathroom door has changed. Here’s the history:

Baby in the house: Bring baby with you to bathroom, leave door open, you’re half naked anyway from nursing.

Toddler in the house: Bring kid to the bathroom with you, sit them on the floor, lock door to keep them from creating any disasters while you attempt to pee as quickly as possible.

Preschooler in the house: Pee with door open to reassure them you are not dead.

Age 5-6: Pee with door closed and locked, otherwise kid will freely enter and ask a lot of really embarrassing questions.

Age 7-8: Pee with door closed, but with child on the other side yell-asking if you have seen their blue socks, not the ones with Buzz Lightyear, but the Thomas ones, and also, can they have a cookie?

Age 9-11: Pee with door closed, then open it to find kid waiting on the other side with fresh bottle of juice they’d like you to open, and also, can they play video games?

Age 11 and up, I am guessing: Never see the inside of the bathroom again, as it is always full of some kid or another.

Remember when a trip to the bathroom meant some nice, quiet, private time? When does that come back? SIGH.

8 thoughts on “Evolution of the Bathroom Door

  1. Alright listen: the two architects we interviewed for the second story renovation mentioned at least one bathroom upstairs. I thought “at least?”…what does that mean? We’ll have a powder room on the main floor and another bathroom in the basement, so…huh? One architect specifically said TWO bathrooms upstairs, one as a master ensuite and one for the kids.

    BRILLIANT, no? I don’t think I would have considered this since my two monkeys are only almost 9 and 7. But then I thought “almost 9 and 7” means almost tween age…and we’ll all be getting up at the same time….and coming home at the same time…and then there’s the hair…and the hygiene which goes from forced to ‘get the hell out of the shower or I will pay the water bill with your birthday money”…

    Yep. Bathrooms. A new chapter is about to begin.


  2. I will never forget the time my daughter walked into the bathroom while I was in the shower to ask me when I was going to be done.
    She was three at the time.

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  4. I get lots of bathroom privacy now – my kids are 11 and 13-almost-14. But my 13yo son takes FOREVER on his evening facewashing-etc routine now. And Eve complains about Angus ‘totally hogging the bathroom’. So now we’re THERE.

  5. Good to know what’s coming. Right now we are at 4-year-old thumping on door while I’m peeing asking if she can come in and “share privacy” with me.

  6. Claire

    The 13 year old has her own bathroom so we’re ok there. What we really need is another bathroom for The Beau. It’s a mystery to me why men spend that much time in the bathroom.

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