Meme Tuesday!

My friend Nicole over at Girl in a Boy House invented a new meme yesterday, and for Meme Monday we were to talk about what’s making us happy. Only, I didn’t get around to reading it until after 7 p.m., a time of day known as Beyond The Scope Of All Productivity, also known as You Never See Me On Twitter In The Evenings Because I Am Asleep On The Couch. So it had to wait until today.

What’s making me happy right now:

Dentist Visits. We went this morning, and I have a small cavity, and also a tooth heading down the path of root canal. Please don’t tell Sir Monkeypants, as we have a generally accepted rule in this house that when someone has a cavity, they are to be mocked mercilessly until humiliated into better brushing. In any case, what I’m happy about is excellent dental coverage provided by Sir Monkeypants’ work, that allows cavities to be caught when they are still small enough that I don’t even know they are there, and then to be repaired in 10 minutes flat, while I watch Live! With Kelly and Michael on their TV and don’t feel a thing. All good.

Transitional Hair. Am moving to a once-every-third-day wash cycle and so far it is going well, I don’t feel too greasy (thank you, spray-in dry shampoo) and my hair feels softer, although not necessarily less frizzy. I think I need the ends trimmed. Body maintenance is such a drag. But this is a happy post, so I’m just happy it is not a greaseball horror show over here.

Basement finishing, which is going very well – the framing and basic electrical are all done, drywall is up, mudding begins tomorrow. In somewhat unrelated news, having our basement couch temporarily moved upstairs has led us to suddenly realize we hate our main floor couch, passionately, and cannot stand to sit on it for one second longer. So, we spent all weekend couch shopping and we are thisclose to actually picking something out and no one died or killed each other, the kids (bless them) suffered through hundreds of hot, dry hours under furniture store lights without whining or crying and even attempted to give helpful opinions, and yay, new couch imminent, pictures to follow once we actually order it and it arrives. (No pictures of the old couch will be posted, so as to not sear your eyes.)

Soup. I cannot believe how much I totally, utterly, completely despised soup as a child, and now, I cannot get enough of it. Squash soup! Sweet potato and coconut soup! Lentil soup! Leek and potato soup! Basic old cream of tomato! The only plus to this INSANELY cold winter we are having is that I have more excuses to make soup than ever before. I could seriously eat ALL THE SOUP. Ever. Nom nom.

What’s making you happy?

6 thoughts on “Meme Tuesday!

  1. It took us a year to find a couch. I’m impressed with your speed! (Short story: We wanted a sectional. We have a small room. There were size limitations. We ended up buying the first one we looked at year earlier.)

    1. This sounds more typical of our usual pattern. I think every other thing in this house took us years of searching to find something we could both…well, not exactly like, but at least tolerate. I don’t know what our secret was this time around…fear of repeating the same pattern, I guess!

  2. Having every single person I’m hiring to help me with my book be super-excited to work on it (or very good liars, who tell me they’re super-excited). This is something you don’t get in traditional publishing – people are nice and professional and all, but they’re not like “Yay! I can’t wait to work on your project! This is fun, and now I feel like I own a little piece of it!” You, Lynn, own many pieces of it …

  3. We are so determined to not buy a new couch for our family room that we still have the one we bought when we moved in fourteen years ago, and I just ordered a SECOND slipcover for it because the cushion on the couch AND the first slipcover are threadbare. And you did it WITH SMALL CHILDREN? Respect. Oh, and uh, I’m just happy that I’m not as mired in despair as I usually am at this time of year. Not questioning why.

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