Food Blogging

Back during the holidays, Gal Smiley made her own lunch and was pretty proud of the care she took “plating” it (I should mention that Sir Monkeypants had a major hand in it by cutting the cheese into artful triangles). That led to a discussion of food bloggers and what they do, and she thought that was pretty cool, and asked if I would photograph her lunch and blog it.

So I present to you, Gal Smiley’s first ever foodie blog post – Ham and Cheese with Crackers, Juice with Umbrella. Featured on page 3 of her new cookbook, “The Best Snaks.” (Cooking: yes, Spelling: no.)


7 thoughts on “Food Blogging

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    That’s my kind of lunch! I’ve never been a fan of sandwiches so my mom would make me a “plate” for lunch – cheese, crackers, hard boiled egg, carrots, lunch meat etc. I do it for my own kids now sometimes and we call it “itses and bitses”.

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