Easy Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

This is a super easy and yummy craft/activity/snack to do for Christmas with the kids. There won’t be any leftovers. Trust me – we made these for our advent activity yesterday and um…they seem to be all gone. What?

Easy Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

24 (ish) big marshmallows
lollipop sticks (I bought mine at Michaels, but I bet they have them at the Bulk Barn)
1 cup chocolate chips
a teaspoon or two of canola oil (optional)
a variety of sprinkles

First, put the cup of chocolate chips in a heavy bowl and melt them in the microwave. It’ll take about 1 minute on level 6, then stir; then another 30 to 60 seconds on level 5, stirring every 30 seconds or so. If you like, you can add a little canola oil after the first minute – it makes the chocolate smoother, but also makes it a bit runnier, but we always say the bigger the mess, the yummier the food. That’s a thing, right?

If you can, let the chocolate cool a bit before using, maybe 5 to 10 minutes, as then it won’t be so drippy. But we will totally understand and empathize if you cannot wait. Glass houses and all that.

Now put out some bowls of sprinkles on the counter, and the bowl of chocolate. Have everyone pull up a chair.

Push a marshmallow onto a stick, as Gal Smiley demonstrates here:

Put marshmallow on stick

Dip the marshmallow in the chocolate:

The Dipping

You can dip it right under the chocolate, or just do a half dip, whatever you fancy. Let the marshmallow hang around over the chocolate bowl for a minute or so to let it drip.

The Hover

Now hover the marshmallow over your chosen bowl of sprinkles, and sprinkle them on by hand, like so:

The Sprinkle

If you want to circle around the whole kitchen island, adding sprinkles from every bowl, no one is going to judge you. Just saying.

More Sprinkles

Then, stick the marshmallow in a big box with holes punched in it that you have prepared ahead of time (probably should have mentioned that earlier):



Let them cool/harden/dry for as long as you can stand it (a couple of hours is good), and then MOW THOSE BABIES DOWN. Mmmm.

Also, if you want to excuse the kids from helping with clean up, so you can lick the chocolate bowl and eat the leftover sprinkles, then no one here is going to judge you.

Variations: I’ve heard these are good with white chocolate chips instead of dark; melt them in the microwave the same way (I do find white chocolate chips to be a little softer, so it’s less likely you’d need the oil). I also really wanted to try this with melted Kraft Caramels this year – I adore those caramel coated marshmallow things – but the kids were not interested, sadly. If you do try it, you’ll need to melt the caramels in a pot (be patient with the melting and the clean up of the poor pot), and then SAVE ME SOME.

For toppings, you could try crushed peanuts or nuts if you don’t have allergies, crushed graham crackers for a s’mores type flavour, or crushed candy canes are truly divine (you can buy them pre-crushed at the Bulk Barn, but that’s really no fun now, is it?).

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  1. smothermother

    considering the deep freeze of this weekend, i think i’ll change my activity for sunday from family skate to chocolate dipped mallows! yum.

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