The Hair

This post is for Javamom, who asked for photos of my Rapunzel-like (artificially) golden flowing tresses, as described in yesterday’s post.

I took over 30 shots for this post, trying to get a picture of myself reflected in our front hallway mirror. Most of them look like this one:

bad selfie number one
I like to call this one, “Stairwell With Arm.”

Or this one:

bad selfie number two
This one is, “Mirror Frame with One Boob.”

Or this one, an attempt to capture the back of my head, like taking a blind basketball shot:

bad selfie number three
And this one is called, “Nothing Redeeming.”

As you can see, I won’t be putting “great at selfies” on my resume any time soon. I kind of liked this one, but you can’t see my hair at all:

bad selfie number four
Self-Portrait: B, Hair Shot: F

Finally I ended up with these two, where you can see my hair, and my roots, and, if you look closely, the oil stains on my favourite shirt from making dinner last week and (NATURALLY) not wearing an apron. HOT.

The Hair, front view
The Hair, front view
The Hair, back view
The Hair, Coquettish Shoulder/Rear View

Dorothy Hamill, eat your heart out.

5 thoughts on “The Hair

  1. I love this length on you!! Thank you so much for this wonderful post. Hm…should I go do something about my hair now? I have roots, and the ends flip the wrong way today. 🙂

    Too funny.

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