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Dance! Show! is on tonight, but since they went to the new one-show-per-week format I always get a little mixed up at this point. I THINK that tonight’s show is a performance-only show by the final 4, then next week is a Greatest Hits/Pick the Winner thing. Right? In that case, since there’s no eliminations tonight, no need to actually pick a winner-type person yet, as the voting will happen after this week.

Ugh, even I can’t follow that logic. Whatever.

Just wanted to comment a wee bit on last week’s show:

Sean Cheesman is The Man. Loved his opening number (although, I’m sure I have heard him use that exact music before – probably on the Canadian show…tsk tsk, Sean). The opening number, by the way, gives you a great chance to directly compare the three guys and three girls remaining. Have a second look if you still have it on your PVR and I dare you to tell me that Fikshun and Amy didn’t outshine everyone else.

Elminations were a bit of a surprise last week. I thought, from the girls’ solos, it was absolutely obvious that Amy is way by far the best girl, and Haley was the worst girl (she’s a lovely dancer, but her solo was a by-the-numbers contemporary dance that hit all the common movements; the other two were much more original and emotional). However, sending Paul home was a shocker – I thought he was a shoo-in for the win. I think he was possibly as surprised as I was, poor guy. Personally I think they had to keep Aaron in as there’s no other suitable partner for Jasmine in the finale – call me cynical, but Paul, I think you were possibly screwed over by your height. UGH.

Performances were up and down. I loved Paul’s number with Kathryn – I find Kathryn sometimes to be hard to partner, as she doesn’t seem to include her partner in her performance but rather dances alone and uses the guy as a prop. Paul held his own however, and I was entranced. For that reason alone, I wish they’d kept him around. The other all-star performances were a mixture of weak to crappy: Haley doing boxing was odd and mystifying; Fikshun doing ballroom highlighted his every weakness; Aaron with Melanie had some amateurish flubs; Amy with Alex doing Bollywood was the best I’ve seen since Joshua and Katee, but it still made me want to rant a LOT about how Bollywood needs to be a) eliminated or at least b) given to a new choreographer with fresh ideas; Jasmine with Neil dancing about tornadoes? Or hurricanes? made me sigh and want to slap Tyce upside the head. Their numbers together were better – Hayley and Paul were smashing, my favourite number of the night, and went out on a high note; Amy and Fikshun showed why they are the Queen and King of Adorable this season (and the best dancers, too); while Aaron showed that he really only has a spark when dancing with Jasmine (who I deeply, deeply sympathized with, having to stand around on stage in that silver skin-suit, UGH).

Who Will Win is a mystery to me, as usual. We’ll see what happens this week. Personally I feel strongly that it should be between Amy and Fikshun. Jasmine is a good dancer but she is not my favourite, and I have finally figured out why: it’s her back. Her back, especially her lower back, is locked up like Fort Knox when she’s dancing. She has no flow to her torso, no smoothness to her movement. Watch her in any given number, and you’ll see. Aaron has such a great personality and spirit on stage, but as a dancer, he’s just not top grade, and he really only shines with Jasmine. So yes, Amy or Fikshun will win – my heart is with Fikshun, but either will do nicely.

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