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So! We are down to 8. More on that in a bit – but first, let me say this: what is UP with Dance Show and all that awesomeness? I mean, I know it’s Dance Show and everything, and by its very definition Awesome, but seriously. Usually in any given week there’s a dud number or two, but these past two weeks have just been fabulous all over. I love it when the all stars show up – it’s just SO much great dancing.

Also let me say a) Christopher Scott’s opening number with the chairs was lovely and brilliant and really moved me, and b) JAKOB MARKO MELANIE SQUEE.

Regarding this week’s eliminations (warning, possible spoilers here), can I make a suggestion? Don’t let Nigel announce it any more…GAH. I hated the fact that he told them the vote split (unanimous for the boys, 9-6 vote split for the girls). Which one is worse – knowing everyone hated you, or knowing you were thisclose and yet out anyway? Either way, it’s sucky, sucky news. SUCK IT, NIGEL. Anyway, both eliminations surprised me; I would have kept Makenzie over Jenna, though Jenna did shine this week, and as for Nico, I feel like he was just starting to grow and could have done so much more if only given a chance to continue. Ah well, at least they were both fabulous this evening (LOVE Spencer Liff, LOVE NappyTab and thought Nico rocked it as a lizard-man), and will be on the tour.

Let’s rank the remainder, shall we?

Fik-shun. I thought he rocked it this week. It’s often easy, especially in the first all-star week, to be outshone by your partner, but Mandy Moore (LOVE HER) put together a great routine here that showcased both Fik-shun and Melanie. My eyes were drawn to them both and although Melanie can really be Strength Personified, I thought Fik-shun held his own. He has the charm, the growth, and the kick-ass solos – I actually think he could win.

Paul. The ladies love Paul, and with this week’s strong performance with Witney, he’s unlikely to be in any danger. I admit I was making lunch during this cha-cha, but the kids were watching and loved it so much, they insisted I rewind so I could watch it too. I’m not normally that into ballroom on this show but they were both quite solid and sexy and it was all good, if not revolutionary.

Amy. Disco was a perfect fit for her this week, I thought. Her very persona can be defined by the word “sparkly” and her mega-watt smile absolutely matched her gold lame outfit. This routine looked impossibly difficult and she and Brandon were more-or-less on it, and the way she rolled her body around was most impressive. A peppy routine for a peppy girl – she should be fine.

Jasmine. I actually disagree with this ranking, but I think she is likely to make the top 4, so I have to put her this high. But this week, I just didn’t see it. Did you? I actually liked her routine (despite the creepy Ray Leeper factor, EW EW EW), but my eyes were drawn to Marko almost exclusively. I thought he got the groove of the piece much better – Jasmine looked like she was ripping into it like a raw steak, while Marko had a smoothness that the number deserved. I was shocked to find that the judges thought the exact opposite. From the way they were going on, I’m sure they will move Jasmine into the top 4, but I want to see her do something lovely and feminine next week.

Jenna. Really? Really. The judges obviously adore her, and this week, she was super impressive. I thought she was a great match for Neil – I often find her to be a little stiff and a little distant from her partner, but these two were so lovely together, moving like they were one person. Despite the Mandy Moore factor (LOVE HER), I was fully prepared to crap all over this routine – and yet, it was one of my favourites of the night. I think Jenna is likely to be in the bottom two again, but the judges are also likely to save her again…unless she goes up against Jasmine.

Aaron. I think Aaron’s personal popularity might be enough to get him through another week, but this week I thought he was one of the weaker contestants. It was mostly the fault of choreographer Stacey Tooky, who obviously loves all-star Kathryn a whole bunch, and this piece was a huge showcase for her. Aaron mostly had to lift her and stand behind her and stand under her, and then the judges talked all about how fabulous she was and is and will be, while Aaron played window dressing. So while I think he will be safe, he better do something much more interesting next week or he’s out.

Hayley. Hayley is now my favourite remaining girl…which means she’s probably going home next week. I really do have the worst luck picking favourites. I think she has it in her to dazzle – but this week was not it. It’s so, so hard to dance with Twitch – he is just sooooo groovy, it’s hard to keep up. She hit all the pop points, but couldn’t match Twitch for smoothness. I definitely predict bottom two for her next week; she’ll have to pull something magic out of the hat if she wants to stick around for the top 6.

Tucker. Despite the fact that Tucker was one of my early picks, he hasn’t shown me that sparkle and shine that I thought might be in there. I wish they had kept Nico this week – he was starting to really show promise, and maybe could have had more of a growth curve than Tucker. I think Tucker survived by virtue of a) having Travis Wall as his perfectly-matched-to-his-style choreographer, and b) sharing the stage with Robert, who generated a ton of goodwill and emotion from his personal connection to the storyline. I haven’t seen Tucker do an outstanding job at any other styles – hip hop, ballroom, even jazz aren’t really his thing – so I think he’ll be going home next week.

And that’s it for this week! I’m off to re-watch the chair routine from the beginning. Flash inspiration! Christopher Scott and Spencer Liff, choreographering together! SWOON.

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  1. smothermother

    Fik-shun rocked it. Melanie totally uped his game. Paul, shut-up! it was awesome. Amy had it, Dylan was awful I thought. Jenna lucked out with partner and choreographer. I was surprised too. I totally agree with you about poor Aaron. Hopefully next week’s choreographer will do something for him. Sorry to say but Hayley was a total train wreck! It was hard to watch. I thought she was just terrible. I disagree about Jasmine. I thought she totally out danced Marco. And Tucker was lucky and will be going home next week.

    Extra comment: Comfort Kicked Ass!

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