Dance It Out, Cat Deely

Daaaaaaance. Shooooooow. How do I love thee? Let’s count the ways, shall we? I finally got around to watching the Top 20 selection/highlight-of-their-style show, and it was awesome, and I loved it, and now I feel the overwhelming need to pick out some favourites. Warning! I am, like, the WORST person ever at predicting how America is going to vote. The fact that I am actually singling out these people probably means they will be the bottom three in week number one. And yet! I can’t help myself.

These are the ones to watch, in my opinion:

The Boys

Tucker. I don’t usually pay much attention to the contemporary dancers – they’re all usually pretty and technically good and interchangeable. But Tucker has caught my eye – maybe it’s the hair. He reminds me strongly of Jakob of season 6, who I ADORED, who should have won over Russell (no offense Russell, but SERIOUSLY). I have high hopes for him.

Jade. He’s short. Also, he’s fabulous. I love his dancing, like ten bear. Plus, he sparkles with personality, plus, he has a lot of personal and dance growing to do. He’s a success story waiting to happen – if he can click with his partner, he’s gold.

Aaron. He’s the tapper who thought he was out, then squeaked through at the last minute when hip-hopper Emilio had to withdraw. I like it that he looks, every single second of the time, like he really can’t believe he’s actually there. It’s all a dream, Anthony! That means you can fly, buddy.

The Girls

Mariah. OMG I LOVE MARIAH. I don’t know why they didn’t talk about this at all, but she actually made it to Vegas last year on the strength of her shockingly good krump audition, but then was cut mid-week. This time, she’s made it to the show and I am blissed out. Love her dancing, love her face, love her personality – she’s my favourite.

Jenna. I love her smile, I love her dancing, I love her hair. I can’t think of a ballroom dancer I have liked as much since Chelsie Hightower. (Oh wait – just remembered both Witney and Lindsay from last season. Well, whatever, I have love enough for them all.) I find Jenna stands out from the crowd and since she’s ballroom, will likely be protected by the judges for at least a few weeks.

Alexis. She’s the tapper girl. Granted, I have a real soft spot for tappers, as I am one myself. But I like her sparkle, and I really like that she doesn’t have the traditional dancer look. She’s got a bit of a learning curve ahead of her, I think – likely to be early out, I predict – but I still have my fingers crossed for her. Rock it, tap girl!

4 thoughts on “Dance It Out, Cat Deely

  1. Smothermother

    Just watched the top 20. Mia rocks my world. Gotta say I didn’t like the top ten girls piece. Meh. The guys with the sand was awesome.

    I agree with Jade. He’s like a Twitch in a little package. Lets hope he is a better dancer than Syrus, because people are going to be voting for h. For his personality.

    I really like Alexis too. And Jenna rocks. I think Amy can take the whole thing. I loved Maleca at her audits but aren’t sure anymore.

    Gotta say that none of the guys are doing it for me yet. Aaron is a if ole teddy bear. Lets see what he can do. But so far the guys are just meh for me.

    1. Ooh, I totally forgot to comment on the choreographers! I also really liked the sand piece. I’ve kept the show on the PVR just so I can watch that one again. And the girls’ piece was decidedly meh. I’m quite over Sonya – not that she isn’t talented, but all her pieces are starting to blur together. She’s just the same thing all the time – always the same sort of moves, same sort of look for the dancers, exploring the same kind of themes. I just wish she’d branch out a little more.

      Mia is the very definition of awesome, though. Glad to have her back.

      In other news, I found myself wondering during the entire top 20 show why they still can’t seem to film the dances in any compelling way on the new stage. It’s so jumpy – I find it very hard to get a feel for the piece unless I watch it more than once. I was watching Glee the other day and the difference was so striking – when they do a big show number on Glee, I’m right in the action, I never have a question about what is going on. Why can’t the Dance Show directors do that?

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