All Grown Up

Aw, we knew this day would come, but (sniff) so soon? Sunrise, sunset, etc. Turtlehead is all grown up!

Why, you ask? After (OMG, SO MANY) years in the blogging world, I am having my very first giveaway. HOLD. THE. PHONE.

It’s one I am very happy to support, too. I am in proud possession of 10, TEN, free family passes to the Museum of Agriculture and Food. It’s rebranding – adding the “Food” part to its name – but it’s still an awesome place for animal-lovers to visit.

I adore the Agriculture Museum, and I used to drag the kids there to see the baby animals every Easter, but my older two just HATED it. They hated the animals, they hated the barns, they even hated the play structure. What’s the Easter equivalent of Scrooge? Maybe ScroogeBunnies? That’s them.

How can you say no to this face? SCROOGEBUNNIES.
How can you say no to this face? SCROOGEBUNNIES.

And then! Along came Little Miss Sunshine, who loves animals. YAY. Now she and I pop over there about once a month in the afternoons, when the big kids are still in school, and visit the baby calves, and touch super soft lamb wool, and chat with the horses. We play on the play structure and try cake in the bakery and pick out the Queen Bee in the honey display.

Baby Goat at the Museum of Agriculture
Cow barn at the Museum of Agriculture
Horses at the Museum of Agriculture

Last time we were there, their new Learning Centre had just opened and we saw the new display, A Piece of Cake, which is interesting and cool and (the thing the Little Miss cares about) has a play kitchen. Bring a magazine. You’ll need it.

This egg incubator is in the new Learning Centre, too - if you time it right, you can see a new chick hatching.
This egg incubator is in the new Learning Centre, too – if you time it right, you can see a new chick hatching.

So needless to say, we have a membership there, and you should consider one too, especially given that a membership gives you access to the Museum of Science and Tech, AND the Museum of Aviation, as well. (Bonus: Your membership gives you a discount on the Star Wars exhibit currently showing at the Museum of Aviation, too.)

But if you’re not sure, you can win a family pass to try out the Museum of Agriculture and Food, right here, right now! The passes are for up to 2 adults and 3 kids, and let me just say, I like to see a family pass that allows for more than two kids. AWESOME.

Don't let this guy scare you. The horns are just for show.
Don’t let this guy scare you. The horns are just for show.

How to enter: Leave a comment on this post telling me what you like best about the Museum of Agriculture, or if you’ve never been, what you’re most looking forward to seeing. One entry per person. And I gotta tell you, since I have TEN passes to give away, and like ten people read this blog, your chances of winning are QUITE GOOD. You have until midnight on Thursday, May 30 to enter; I’ll do a random draw (if required) on May 31. Please leave me an email where you can be reached (leaving it in your comment profile is fine).

Good luck!

16 thoughts on “All Grown Up

  1. Smothermother

    I love the farm!! So does the jellybean. And bonus, I get to go on his field trip there next month and I don’t have to take the day off! :). (Obviously I’m not putting my name in the contest!)

  2. MrsCarlSagan

    Congratulations on your first giveaway! I too like to see family passes that include more than 2 kids. We haven’t been there in quite some time, but my kids loved the barns and the tractors the last time we were there.

  3. library girl

    my kids love the tractor. My daughter also likes the horses (she said “Mommy, did you know that the horses that do the dancing are Clydesdales?”) The horses that do the dancing are what we say when we’re trying to describe the Musical Ride… I like the bunnies in the corner!

  4. KL

    We love the farm and use to do what you did when my 6 yr old was younger but haven’t been this year. :(( She loved Eeyore the donkey best of all. Her number one job career choice is still Farmer and I blame our trips to this museum (in a good way)!!

  5. I don’t want to be entered, but congrats on your first giveaway and thanks for the memories – we loved going to see the cows and lambs and bunnies. Eve once saw a woman in a shepherdess outfit leading a lamb there and asked her if she was Mary.:)

  6. I took my niece to the barns when she was … almost 2, I think? She spent the whole trip wanting to pet the cows, and when we got to the end where you can pet the calves, she was not interested. She wanted to pet the adult cows, and had no interest in the calves. (I’ve never actually been to the museum, though.)

  7. We go once or twice a year, the sheep shearing is always fun, and the play structure is always a big hit with the kids. I’ve got pictures of my kids riding the tractors at every age they’ve been since they were toddlers!

  8. Cath in Ottawa

    love, love, love the farm. i used to take my now 4yo several times a week as he was passionate about draft horses. Goody is always a hit too, as are the tractors and the bees. great give away – thanks!

  9. Oh! I’ll comment because I like my odds! My kids were also TERRIFIED of the cattle barn. We used to have to go on all field trips / birthday parties they were invited to so we could leave the group at one door and walk around outside to wait and meet them at the other end.

    Which is funny because, as kids, my dad used a trip to the farm for milking time as a reward for my brother and me. When he and my mom wanted to get stuff done around the house on the weekend he’d say “Be good all day and we’ll go to the farm.” And, sure enough, we’d head over around 4:00 and watch the cows get milked.

  10. Kristen Charles

    One of my favourite activities in Ottawa! The best part is visiting the goats, they are so friendly and the kids just love them 🙂 The play structure provides tons of fun for the kiddos too 🙂 Cool giveaway!

  11. Lucy

    I just happened to stop by here and luckily you happen to have a giveaway, so I’ll post a message to enter the draw!

    We’ve been to the farm a couple of times only, but I was just thinking a few days ago that we should start going there more often. My son likes to see the animals and enjoys playing on the play structure. Actually he’s scared of all animals, but he likes to look at them as long they don’t try to come too close or he doesn’t have to touch them! Last weekend we went for the rides (and tulips) at Dow’s Lake and ended up walking over the Agric Museum, but it was almost closing time by the time we got there so we didn’t go in. We walked back home across the Experimental Farm. I promised my son we would go back to see the animals; maybe we’ll walk there and have a picnic when we finish exploring the barns and all the other exhibits.

    Did you say there is bakery there? With cake?! I don’t remember noticing that when we went there before. Is that new? We will certainly check that out. 🙂

    1. Lucy

      P.S. I’ve “liked” your facebook page. I see you have quite a few events mentioned there. I already knew about some of them, but not all, and also it’s convenient to see them all listed in one place. I am busy and sometimes forget about events that I could have taken my kid to and we end up missing them.

  12. aurelielb

    I want to bring my toddle to see the baby animals!! We’ve never been and it’s been on thelist of things to do FOREVER!

  13. Debbie

    We’ve taken our daughter to the farm a couple of time – she loves it! Would love to go back to see the animals. I understand they’ve added to the museum as well so we’ll have to check that out soon! Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Karen

    It’s so wonderful to see the reaction on the faces of all the kids when they see the animals and all the equipment. We were there for Canada Day last year and had a great time with the animals. The strawberry social was yummy too! I am excited to take my daughter back soon. Thanks for this opportunity!

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