Cat Deely is My Imaginary Best Friend

I can’t believe that I let things get so busy around here that I actually forgot to blog about the fact that DANCE! SHOW! started last night. Not that OTHER dance show, lower-case (i.e. Dancing With the Stars), but rather, the Queen of All Dance Shows, So You Think You Can Dance. Now that the Canadian version is kaput, I feel like it has been YEARS since I have seen dance show, and I am Super! Pumped! Can you not tell from the excessive use of capitals and exclamation marks?


I do not watch Dancing With the Stars at all, ever, but recently I caught a news item on Entertainment Weekly that suggested that that show is now featuring non-ballroom styles, like contemporary. Very interesting, lower-case dance show. You may try, but you will never, ever be Dance! Show! Give it up now.

So yes, Nigel and Cat and gang returned to the small screen last night, and are on again tonight, and within a few short weeks we’ll have a top 20 (I hope…this isn’t another one of those rotten shortened seasons, is it?), and then you can look forward to this blog being completely overwhelmed with dance show news.

And who doesn’t want that, AM I RIGHT?

In other news, I received donut pans for Mother’s Day (after Gal Smiley ever-so-casually sniffed out the appropriate size and number, just asking, NO REASON). Hello, allergy-free goodness.

Homemade Cake Donuts

Donuts, and Dance Show? NIRVANA.

6 thoughts on “Cat Deely is My Imaginary Best Friend

  1. smothermother

    i will be watching dance! show! tonight. so very happy it’s back!

    now these donuts? you say allergy free. does that include gluten?? and are you willing to sell them to me? now? this instant? because i am drooling all over my key board.

    1. This set is egg-free, dairy-free, and of course, nut-free, but they do contain wheat. I do have a good gluten-free (and egg and dairy free, too) recipe, though. Want me to send it along?

        1. Quite good, actually. I made them once for a New Year’s Day dinner we were having with six other families, and all the kids screamed, “Donuts!” and fell on them, and they were gone in 30 seconds with no one complaining or refusing to finish. So apparently they are close enough to the real thing to pass.

          Will email :).

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