The Mysteries of Facebook

Hey, I have a Facebook page!

If you’re new around here, you can head over there to see what’s happening this week in Ottawa for families. I usually update it on Mondays, except this week when I totally forgot, but it’s up now.

If you’re already following my page via Facebook’s mysterious and unreasonable “like” feature, you may not be aware that not everything I post on the page will show up in your timeline. Facebook seems to pick out four or five of my weekly posts to actually include in people’s timelines, and it’s random, and I don’t get it because I have The Old Fogey.

But if you’re interested in Ottawa events, you might want to actually click through and view the page itself to see everything. Or you can see stuff in the sidebar widget I have (that way –>).

Or you can ignore it. Actually, if you do find it useful, maybe drop me a comment? I’ve been wondering lately if it’s all worth it. Although, at the least, it does tend to get us out of the house from time to time, which is not a bad thing, no, not at all.

One thought on “The Mysteries of Facebook

  1. Jacquelyn

    Can you also have a link to your columns for Capital Parent? I rarely head over to that site, but when I’ve stumbled upon things you’ve written there, I’ve really enjoyed them.

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