Amazing and Amazinger

Did you know that The Amazing Race is coming to Canada?

I have a love/hate relationship with the show. We watched it quite faithfully for a few seasons but then started to really mind the bickering. Then we got back into it for a while when the kids showed some interest – we thought we could watch it as a family – but again, the bickering was kind of a turn-off. I certainly don’t mind the drama of teams that are lost, or blowing a challenge, or exhausted, or having a meltdown.

(LORD KNOWS that would be me every single second. I have often thought it would be HILARIOUS to go on the show myself, because I hate travelling SO MUCH, SO VERY VERY MUCH, and it would be sure to be an absolute gas for everyone watching.)

What I do mind, however, is teams that were selected because their relationship is already pretty dysfunctional, and so don’t know how to be nice to each other under otherwise good circumstances. That’s not cool, dudes, not cool at all. I’m sure you know of whom I speak.

(On the flip side: most favourite team ever, The Cowboys. Close runner-up: The Harlem Globetrotters. Which is why – shhhhhhhhh – have purchased super secret tickets to see the Globetrotters next month at Scotiabank Place, will be surprising Gal Smiley and the Captain, because that’s the one season they watched of The Amazing Race before the meanness on the show led to the meanness of Parental Censorship. It’s going to be epic. EPIC LIKE A CHEETAH.)

Anyway! My point here is that the show is going to be having a Canadian edition this spring, which means a) travel around my own country, which I am really, really interested in, because even a terrible traveller like myself can probably handle going to a place where they have the same food and speak the same language and the light switches work the same goddamn way, and b) people being really nice to each other, because hello, Canadian. Am I right?

Adding to the excitement around here is that two very good and very old friends of mine, Mike and Mike, are applying to be on the show. I think they’d be great on it, although I do fear that they won’t be selected because they are too awesome, and thus the obvious, everyone-else-go-home winners, and maybe that’s bad TV? They should really work on bickering a lot more.

In any case, if you’re curious about what kind of people might be trying out for this sort of thing, or just how nuts my friends are, you can see their audition video on YouTube here and you can see really embarrassing pictures of them on their Facebook page here, and really guys, have you no shame? This isn’t America, you know.

Oh. Just remembered I can embed a YouTube video. DOH.

13 thoughts on “Amazing and Amazinger

  1. rheostaticsfan

    Hey, Lynn, thanks for this!! I hope they hear back from the producers about an interview soon. They would be SO AWESOME on the race…

  2. it’s the only show that my entire family watches- grandparents, siblings, cousins & my kids! we love to discuss it at family gatherings! my family has a love for TRAVEL and this shows feeds it! and we love Phil! do you know WHO will be the host for AR CANADA? please not Ben Mulrooney! I can’t wait to see our country showcased in this format- so much diversity!

  3. MrsCarlSagan

    AWESOME! One of the Mikes (I won’t say which one, but *you know who you are*) can also effortlessly shove a Toonie up his nose….that’s gotta come in handy. Good Luck Mike and Mike!

  4. Two of my friends are trying out too! I would RATHER DIE than be on the Amazing Race. I don’t watch reality tv as a rule, but I watch an episode every now and then. I agree with you – the concept is cool, but I can’t take the dysfunctional bitching.

    1. Um…I’m not sure! I think you can Like their Facebook page, and also if you view their video on YouTube itself it will record it as a “view.” Not sure if either of these things will actually help them get on the show but I suppose if they have a huge social media following to bring the table, it can’t hurt!

    2. They are “casting” – so showing that we have an audience just waiting to see us can’t hurt. And comments like “I’d definitely watch if you guys were on the show” would be great!

      Thanks for blogging about us Lynn!

  5. Their video is great, I hope they make it in! I love the Amazing Race and even though the fighting is just too much sometimes, I’ve watched every season. I can’t wait for the Canadian version. The thought of applying with Hubby briefly crossed my mind – but I’d like to remain married so… No. And even though I can easily read shop drawings or convert 2D drawings to isometrics, I cannot read a map to save my life. 🙂

  6. The Amazing Race is the only show on TV that I make sure I don’t miss every week! Can’t wait for the Canadian version. (Although I beg to differ on the “speaking the same language” thing. I’m fluently bilingual, but can’t understand a word my Newfoundlander neighbour says after he’s had a few drinks. I don’t think I’d be able to hail a cab in that province!)

  7. Omg one of my friends from years ago who I stay in touch with on facebook just posted her audition video with her sister – they would be amazing contestants….lemme see if I can find the link…..found it!
    So amazing, and makes me feel sooooo unaccomplished 😦

    1. Oh man, not to be disloyal to my own friends, but those Darling sisters are DARLING. Screw The Amazing Race, they should just have their own show!

  8. My fave team was Uchenna and Joyce from season 7. They were going to use the money for fertility treatments and I was so happy when they won I cried. But now they are divorced. My whole family watched last season and it was the best because I liked all four of the final teams. Remember the time before that when the fourth-to-last team where professional snowboarders who’d been in the Olympics and were Christians and yet one of the guys was so angry about their (admittedly ridiculous) elimination he just sat there slightly fuming during their exit interview? That was poor form in my opinion.



    I may be a little too giddy about this topic.

    Good luck to the Mikes!

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