The Little Miss is a verbal child, to say the least. By that I mean, if she is thinking something, it comes out her mouth. She must talk things through in order to process them. Brain and voice are connected in a continuous loop, indivisible.

So, I’m sure you can guess, keeping Christmas gift secrets is a bit of a challenge for her.

Sir Monkeypants has got me something for Christmas that he’s excited about. He’s been dancing around here for a week or two, proclaiming his major score. The item in question arrived in the mail a few days ago and he made the mistake, in his excitement, of showing the kids.

Now the poor Little Miss is in a terrible spot.

We spend hours alone together every day. I pick her up from school, and then it’s just the two of us for four hours until we get the big kids. Since it’s December, we’ve been avoiding the outside world; we come home and do crafts or baking or read books together. It’s a lot of time for her to try to have to short circuit that brain-to-mouth link she’s got going on.

The first day or two, she was all, “We have a present for you but I’m not allowed to talk about it so don’t ask me about it, okay?” This, at least once or twice an hour.

Then it was, “There is a box in Daddy’s bottom drawer and it’s a present for you so you should NOT go look at it, okay?” at least twice a day, poor little thing.

Then, out of the blue while colouring, “You know how you like pie? And sometimes you don’t have enough pie servers? And you need more? Is that true?” So I smiled and gave her a hug and told her it was indeed true.

And now we’re at, “Can I just TELL YOU what it is, and you won’t tell Daddy I told you?” And when I said no, she said, “How about just one part of it?” and then I said no, and she suggested, “Maybe I could give you some hints, like I could say pie and then you could guess it and I would nod yes?” and still I said no, and tried to distract her with a book.

But she’s clearly suffering. It is very, very hard for her to be thinking about something and not saying it out loud.

Yesterday I got out the things I had bought for the kids to give to their father and I was going to have them wrap them. But then I thought of the torture it would be for the Little Miss – still 11 whole days to go! – so I have decided to wait.

Possibly until the morning of the 25th.

Poor little bear.

3 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. My 5yo Sonja is the same. She wrapped 3 presents for daddy and kept saying over and again how it’s a surprise and he can’t know what it is etc etc. Days later she said “I had to tell him SOMETHING but only what ONE of the presents is, not all 3 of them”….


    All this talking will be the end of me. Seriously. How can one tiny girl talk so much all the time? 🙂

    1. I know, it actually does get exhausting after a while. I recently read that the verbal thing is a sign of extroversion, which is going to be a tough road as I’m the most introverted of introverts.

      The real plus is getting a full, wide window into the preschooler mind. It’s fascinating in there!

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