7 thoughts on “Pie Party in Pictures

  1. Oh! Of course… the pie party! That’s TWO amazing food events I had to miss this weekend. It looks like it was amazing. Maybe next year…

  2. GAH the pie party. I suck huge, I am so sorry I never RSVP’d. Frig. Honestly, if I don’t respond to something right when I get it it vanishes from my brain. Looks like it was awesome! I love your pie!

    1. They’re tarts with raspberry jam in the bottom, and a kind of sweet vanilla cake on top. Seriously fabulous. My youngest sister is an addict.

      I owe you an email…my apologies, I have been busy wallowing. Will get off my butt tomorrow :).

  3. My Mom used to make maids of honour at Christmas. I loved them even though they’re sweeter than what I usually like. MUST ATTEND PIE PARTY NEXT YEAR.

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