Blissdom Bliss?

So Blissdom Canada is coming up in a few weeks. Whenever there is a big blogging conference approaching, I go through this cycle:

  1. Get excited, imagine how fun it will be, imagine attending.
  2. Pay attention to when tickets go on sale, monitor the situation closely, load up the ticket buying page.
  3. Chicken out, don’t buy ticket, watch it sell out.
  4. See people on Twitter and Facebook talk about what they are packing and who they are rooming with and how thrilled they are, and get bitterly jealous.
  5. Read people’s tweets from the conference and see their blissfully happy child-free photos and feel extra bitter.
  6. Read people’s joyful post-conference posts and feel totally disconnected from the entire community and vow to give up blogging forever.
  7. Sulk around the house for a couple of weeks before reading something funny on someone’s blog and deciding not to give it up quite yet.


I have been blogging for over 10 years and have never been to a conference, but I am seriously trying to talk myself into going to Blissdom this year, just for the experience.

Here’s how serious I am: I told my husband about it. That’s MAJOR, people.

However, I still haven’t made any actual plans to actually attend or anything.

Still, the hope is there. Baby steps.

12 thoughts on “Blissdom Bliss?

      1. no shrinking viola

        No no no. You’re gonna love it. I don’t know a soul but it’s gonna be fun! We should meet up!

  1. Oh my gosh…seriously – it couldn’t be easier! I’m terrible at getting away but if I were you I’d do this for sure. And take the train…love the train!

  2. Well, I still hope you’ll come, whether you stay with me or with someone else. I know almost no one! But I figure that at least a few dozen other people don’t know anyone either, and I’ve handled scarier crowds 🙂

  3. I”m going. I’d love to meet you too, in person, I mean. I’ll be the one hiding behind the big plant in the corner too shy to come out and play. 🙂

    1. I bought a ticket! It’s non-returnable! So I guess there’s no getting out of it now :). Really looking forward to meeting you, Leanne!

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