Friday was Gal Smiley’s 8th birthday, and we gave her a magic set.

On Sunday, Sir Monkeypants was performing a trick for Little Miss Sunshine, with three cups and a ball. He moved the cups around, then lifted them to reveal that the ball had gone missing. Then he pulled it out of the Little Miss’ ear.

She was completely dazzled. She demanded he do it again, so I could see it.

The second time around, there was a fumbling of the ball and the Little Miss caught sight of it in Sir Monkeypants’ hand. But rather than have the illusion spoiled, she angrily demanded that he “do it right, Daddy! Do the it the magic way so it comes out of Mommy’s ear!”

We laughed, but not because we felt superior; rather, because we were delighted to think, just for one moment, that real magic still exists in her world.

2 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Love it!

    Jamie got a magic set for his birthday, too. Every time he demonstrates a trick for us, he insists on showing us afterward how he did the trick. Ed keeps saying, “A magician never reveals his secrets!” but then Jamie thinks it’s even more fun to tell us how he did it. On the plus side, I probably don’t have to worry about him turning into David Copperfield anytime soon.

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