So You Think You Can Dance Dance Dance

Hard to believe, but summer is almost over, school is starting soon, and Dance! Show! is already up to the top 10. I blinked, and two months went by, how did that happen?

It’s a shortened season this year, which means that the top 10 haven’t had as many weeks to develop their personas and their skills as in previous years. That’s why it may seem to you (as it does to me) that this is one the weakest top tens in recent memory. Usually when we hit the top 10, there’s already some frontrunners and I feel somewhat confident in ranking them, top to bottom. This year, when I gave it some (SOME – hahaha!) thought, I found it really hard to believe that the people I have near the top are actually the best this season has to offer. There just haven’t been any real standouts for me this season, and as a result, people are voting on sheer popularity of backstory, which is never a good thing.

Not that I will be stopped from ranking them, no, not at all! Here we go!

Cole. Here’s a prime example of how clueless I am this season. Cole has had a few real standout performances, his style is unique, and he’s very charismatic. But he’s also a little intense at times, and not in a good way; also, I find that he is very internal when performing and thus does not always click with his partner. And yet, I feel like he’s both the best man left, and the most popular man left. Am I right? NO IDEA. Side note: his performance last week in Mia’s addiction number was amazing, he was the only one in the entire competition to really transcend the original. So good.

Audrey. I am still suffering from the delusion that Audrey and Tiffany are the same person. In their interviews they are so identical in look and personality that I can barely tell them apart. And yet – when they dance, they are both so, so good. I am putting Audrey above Tiffany only because I think her performances with Matthew, particularly the Travis/Titanic one, has made her stand out more in voters’ minds. But really, they are both great.

Tiffany. See above, re: Audrey. I personally feel that Tiffany is actually better. I think she can really blow this competition apart if she has a good couple of weeks – or, she could total wallflower and vanish from our memories with a whimper. Who can say?

Chehon. Chehon’s last day audition dance in Las Vegas will live forever in my memory, and apparently, in the memories of the American public as well. He’s been doing well in the competition but Mary hit the nail on the head last week when she said he needs to let go more, just be a little freer and not quite so perfectly placed. His dazzling strength and partnering skills are sure to keep him in the mix in the weeks to come. He reminds me a lot of SYTYCD Canada’s Season 3 winner, Denys, so he could go all the way here.

Cyrus. Oh boy, what to say about Cyrus. He’s the weakest dancer left. And yet…so magical when he does his own style, and there is a lot to be said about the way he continues to just throw himself into every dance with abandon and commitment. Of all the dancers, he had the most growing to do, and thus, continues to show the most improvement week to week. That goes a long way with voters, and add to that his great smile and his mind-blowing solos and his positive attitude, and you have one popular guy. In the past, popular guys like this have been voted off in the number five position, so here he is on my list. And yet, Russell won in Season 6 with a very similar backstory and so…anything could happen here. As an aside, the judges were a little down on his performance last week and of course, he’s no Twitch, but I thought he actually did a great job of capturing the character and deserved more praise.

George. I adore George. I’m so happy the judges saved him last week, I thought for sure they would go for Matthew (who seemed like such a genuinely nice guy, and also, would have given them lots of performance choices for the tour with Audrey). I think George is probably the best male dancer left, really, but I can’t put him anywhere near the top of the list because he’s been in the bottom 3 for a couple of weeks now (WHY, AMERICA, WHY?). He and Tiffany had my most favourite Mia number last week and George, in particular, did me proud, I thought he smashed it. I hope he gets a really great number this week (please not ballroom please not ballroom) so everyone can revel in his glory.

Witney. I like Witney fine but I feel like I’m still waiting for her breakout moment. Every week she’s really, really good, and yet unmemorable. I thought she was the best girl last week – I mean, it’s pretty hard to screw up the bench number (that choreography is fabulous), but she did a really good job with the characterization, too. I am guessing that she will be getting ballroom next week (helloooooo, Pasha) and possibly every week after that so the judges can defend having ballroom on this show at all. She seems fairly popular, and with some good performances she might turn out to be the top female. Gah, I have no idea.

Lindsay. I feel as though Lindsay has shown more growth than Witney so far this season. Maybe she’s just had more variety in her draws, and maybe it’s because she has to do twice as much work to make the chemistry happen with the chilly Cole. Also, although I adore her, I thought she was weaker than Witney initially – but now I am not so sure. I think she could really dazzle us with the right all-star partner – and I want to see her go far. Sadly, her past appearances in the bottom 3 have possibly marked her for early elimination. At least she made the top 10, which I felt was the right choice, much as I love love loved Amelia.

Eliana. Eliana is my favourite dancer this season and but I feel like she has not lived up to her potential, which is a fatal problem on reality shows. People like to see growth, change, overcoming adversity. I’m quite anxious to see how she will do with a partner other than Cyrus; I’d love to see her do some contemporary and let her shine in her own style. More than the other girls, though, I feel like her dance life is on the line – she needs a big number next week or she may be in danger.

Will. You could have knocked me over with a feather when Will was ushered into the top 10. I called him in week one to be the first person going home. WTF, America? I just don’t get it. I thought he had a nice spark with Amelia but in general, I find his dancing sloppy and weak; he has neither the power nor the personality of the other boys. He’s like a nice cuddly teddy bear, but what shines on this show is lithe, strong racehorses. There’s very few people in the top 10 that I am passionate about protecting, but Will is the only one who I think actually deserves to be bottom three next week. We’ll see, America, we’ll see.

I’m sure next week’s top 8 ranking will be completely different. I admit, I am absolutely making things up this year. Not that that will stop me at all. No, not at all. See you next week!

4 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Dance Dance Dance

  1. Gotta say I agree with you on pretty much all of this. I have a soft spot for Will because of his self depracating humour and because he is a bit of a viking in amongst all of those pretty small guys. I mean, he’s taller than Kat, even in heels! But, I do think that the only thing keeping him safe is his female appeal. I love Cyrus too but it will be time for him to go soon. Can’t wait for tonight!

  2. karen

    I don’t agree with you much at all. I think this top ten is very strong. I think it is easier to pick out the strong ones when there are a bunch of week ones that stand out. And I don’t see week this season.

    I love Will. And not because of his female appeal. I don’t find him appealing that way at all. I think he is a very strong partner.

  3. Smothermother

    I’m not terribly blown away either. Loved Amelia. I can’t seem to remember any of their names. Though after this week I know them more. Can I say that Travis’s choreography feakin BLOWS MY MIND! Holy crap. He is a Franklin genius. Sorry to see that Cyrus isn’t go this week. Can you imagine Travis’s piece danced by someone who can?!?! Surprised to see George go, I liked him more than Cheon. But I do like Will, and I think he killed the Bollywood dance this week.

    And the piece done by nathalie portman’s husband was beyond beautiful.

    1. Everyone seems to like Will! I watched with my mom and sister last week and they both love Will, too. I am alone against the world :). He’ll be moving up the list next week but I’m still mystified :).

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